JOCC Takes On Travel Awareness


jocc.jpg(Click on image to ENLARGE it) The JOCC of Montreal has spearheaded a substantial awareness campaign for the chareidi public. There has been a large increase in the number of roadway accidents between NY and Montreal, with at least four fatalities and numerous serious injuries that past two years alone! 95% of accidents occur at night, when the roads are extremely dangerous with poor visibility, black ice, tired drivers and bad weather conditions, etc.

JOCC aims to spread important information to prevent further calamities. Many accidents could be prevented if tired drivers pulled over to rest, instead of continuing on the road. The Adirondacks do not have reliable cell phone coverage as of yet, and emergency conditions can chalilah worsen while trying to reach help. Travel Insurance is a life-saving necessity, however many people overlook it. There were incidents were doctors refused to administer critical treatment, since their previous accident patients had no coverage.

Montreal Hatzalah has been summoned dozens of times in the past several months, for serious accidents that could have been prevented. Rather waste a minute of your life than your life in a minute: Drive Safely.


  1. What is Travel Insurance (for health)?

    I am under the impression that US emergency rooms must treat all patients regardless of insurance coverage or lack thereof. And all basic health insurance plans in the US should cover any E.R. in the US.

    Perhaps this is referring to Canadians? Can anyone clarify?

  2. there probably are many uninsured americans who dont have medical insurance, or are not eligible for medicaid;canadians have socialized medicine,however, not for the usa.basic medical plans in the usa do pay emergency services.

  3. Great Idea.
    Our communities do not heed seriously to safety and/or defensive driving rules. Talking on cells and unbelted passengers are still a norm.. WHY??

  4. How many were driving thru the night, that could have been avoided if they had been driving in daylight hours. And how many over the years were snow related that also could have been avoided.