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Dozens of Charedim Get Stuck Underwater On Way to Wedding

Doznes of Charedim who were traveling from London to Antwerp for a wedding, got stuck in a train that was travelling through the Chunnel (English Channel Tunnel).

The train stopped in the middle of the Chunnel due to a malfunction stranding all of its passengers, including those driving their private cars. The Charedi passengers were heading to Antwerp to participate in the Trisk-Tishaba wedding.

The Chatan is the grandson of the Trisker Rebbe. The Bride is the granddaughter of Tashba Rebbe. Family members of the bride were also stranded on the train.

One of the passengers, by the name of Eliezer, told B’cHadrei Hareidim: “We were traveling to the wedding on a double-decker train. There are approximately 100 Charedi passengers onboard and we have been stuck here for more than two hours. No one has yet told us when the problem will be fixed or when we will be leaving. In the meantime, we have been organizing minyanim for Ma’ariv.

One of the other passengers began handing out liquor and cookies in honor of Rabbi Yishayahu Ben Moshe from Kraster in the hopes that in the merit of the Tzaddik the passengers would get to the wedding with some time left to celebrate with the newlyweds.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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  1. the fact it was Charedim that why they handed out Cake and Liquor. It will never happen with just Yidden.
    You know the famous question. Why at all kivrei tzadikim,Lizensk,Miron,Reb Shyele and Ehal and many more tzadikim there is always Cake,Coffee and food and by the Kotel there is NO food at all.?? Answer: Because the Satmer chasidim do not go to Kossel so there is NO one to prepare. A good true JOKE but a fact

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