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Fire Destroys Dormatory At Bayonne Yeshiva; 50 Bochrim Sent Home

A fire destroyed the Bayonne Yeshiva dormitory on Tuesday, forcing the Yeshiva to send home 50 Bochrim.

The fire broke out at around noon in the dorm located at 747 Avenue C. It appears to have been an electrical fire – causing extensive damage to the building.

With nowhere to house them, around 50 Bochrim were sent home until alternate arrangements can be made.

Yeshiva of Bayonne has been a tremendous source of Torah and Yidishkeit in Bayonne NJ for many many years.

The Yeshiva has launched a fund on The Chesed Fund website for all those wishing to help the Yeshiva rebuild their dormitory. It will cost the Yeshiva at least $100,000 to just open the doors again to the dorm.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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