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New Jersey Realtor Resigns Following Hateful Comment About Jews

A New Jersey realtor was forced to resign after hateful comments aimed at the increasing Orthodox Jewish population in Ocean County surfaced online.

“Not so bad maybe they’ll all move back to New York, ” wrote Tony Sloane, whose Facebook profile lists him as a Realtor at Weichert Realtors’s Long Beach Island Office, located some 35 miles from Lakewood.

Mr. Sloane made the comment on the public “Jackson NJ Strong” Facebook page, on a post addressing Ocean County’s growing Orthodox Jewish population in context of a recent news story about the formation of the City of Palm Tree in Upstate New York, which encompasses the current Kiryas Joel. “Can this happen here?” the post wonders, dripping with disdain.

TLS reported the comments on Thursday, along with condemnation from The Lakewood Vaad.

TLS reported Friday that Mr. Sloane claimed via email and on his Facebook page that he has resigned his position with Weichert and would be leaving the real estate industry.

“I resigned from Weichert today by my own choice. Weichert is in no way responsible for my political beliefs. I will also no longer be doing real estate,” Sloane wrote to TLS in an email.

Weichert Realtors released the following statement to TLS:

“This morning, immediately after learning of the statement posted on Facebook by Tony Sloane, we requested a meeting with him to discuss his actions as they do not in any way reflect the conduct we expect from our sales associates. The company and Tony Sloane have agreed to immediately part ways, and he is no longer affiliated with Weichert.”

“Bigotry against any individual or community has no place in civilized society – period, and we call on Weichert to condemn hate speech,” notes Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg, spokesman for The Lakewood Vaad. “The Vaad will continue to aggressively fight discrimination and bigotry in all forms, while seeking to build bridges of tolerance and understanding among people of good will.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. A licensed RE Agent can lose his license if he discriminates in any form.
    Part of the training process not to discriminate. That is probably the reason he left RE.

  2. Obviously, Lakewood was saved from imminent danger that could have been perpetrated by this dangerous menace. The countless of hours of Bittul Torah that Weisberg and his thugs were engaged in to surf the web to find this menace in waiting, was of course all worth it. Obviously Weisberg does not believe that the Zchus HaTorah of Lakewood together with the help of the Aibishter is enough to protect Lakewood from this Sloane Sakanah. it just seems to me that if Bnei Torah have to stop their learning to find and expose just one stupid jerk, how much more so does the State of Israel need to get the Bnei Torah to help protect the country from millions of real haters who are out to destroy her. But if we believe a person should be punished by losing his job due to a silly meaningless comment, how mcuh more so should be people be punished for ripping off the taxpayers of millions of dollars by medicaid, medicare and welfare fraud.

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