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New Jersey Prosecutors: Vandalism Of 499 Kevarim Not Hate Crime

court hammer1.jpgProsecutors have concluded after a three-week investigation that the four teenagers accused of vandalizing the Poile Zedek Bais Hakvaros did not commit hate crimes (as origionally reported HERE on YWN) and should not be tried as adults. The boys’ alcohol-fueled vandalism stemmed from teenage boredom – not anti-Semitism, said the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office. “While it was plain that the juveniles intended to cause destruction, that intent appears without a religious hate component.”

Authorities have withheld the names of the boys, ages 15, 16 and 17.

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  1. I have to agree with Sammygol.
    This does not seem to be a hate crime. These kids have done other crimes in the past that were clearly not racially motivated. Filly Frum and Holyland, are you above the law? Are you willing to say factually that this was anti semetic? No your not!
    These kids did a dumb thing. No question. But racial? Phllleeese!

  2. The only problems I have with the decision is as follows:
    It was done over a two day period with bored teens fueled by alcohol looking for “fun”.
    1) Who was the adult that bought or served the alcohol to the teens and what’s his sentence?
    2) If it isn’t a hate crime, why is it that this only happens in Jewish cemeteries and Xtian ones?
    3) What kind of mandatory Alcohol counseling program do these teens need to attend.

    If there is no answer to these questions the Middlesex prosecutor should also be tried as an accomplice to a hate crime.

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