JEW HATER: Man In Lakewood Holds Sign That Reads ‘Stop Multiplying’


An anti-Semite was seen in Lakewood on Tuesday afternoon. The man was holding a sign which read “stop multiplying”. He was standing near the lake at around 3:00PM.

A short while later, he was seen being questioned by Lakewood Police. It is unknown if he was taken into custody.

Photo Credit: TLS

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Has the state of New Jersey declared martial law and suspended th First Amendment? Otherwise, what charges was he arrested for? He can call us all the vile names he wants but to tell the ehrliche yidden of Lakewood to have smaller families is not a federal or state crime. Stupid? yes. Hateful? yes. Illegal? likely not.

  2. I hope he wasn’t taken into custody for holding a sign!!! It would be a severe and frighting degradation of our freedoms as Americans if he was.

  3. He’s not an anti Semite. You gotta Stop this nonsense. Every time someone says something you don’t like you call him anti Semite. He can just be an idiot or he may have an ideology about having children. Like an environmentalist. There can be many crazy reasons for a person to hold up such a sign. We need to stop playing the race card

  4. Reminds us that Lakewood is also golus and we are not in Eretz Yisrael post moshiach- dont get too comfortable. I remember once walking down forest ave friday night and thinking “wow, no cars, just like yerushalayim” and then a minute later a car drives by yelling ” Heil Hitler!”. Definitely not Yerushalayim…

  5. Mtab; So his being sick of Jews “overwhelming” “his” neighborhood stems from his love of Jews! It’s understandable where you’re coming from.

  6. It’s plainly obvious what this is: a message. He clearly dislikes what’s happening in Lakewood. So… instead of bashing this guy (which doesn’t do any good), we can fix the problem.

  7. abelah December 6, 2017 3:01 am at 3:01 am
    ” then a minute later a car drives by yelling ” Heil Hitler!”. Definitely not Yerushalayim”

    I guess you’ve never been a cop in yerushalayim yelled at by pseudo-chareidim

  8. Rebbe Yid
    I was thinking just like you, the comments seen here about your pseudo-chareidim are closer to anti-semitism. IF they would have been made by this goy what would have been their reaction then?