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Terrorists Attack Israeli Embassy In Mauritania

is flag.jpgAccording to an Associated Press report, gunmen have opened fire on the Israeli Embassy in Mauritania (North-West Africa) early Friday morning. The terrorists reportedly traded fire with the Embassy guards, and before fleeing screamed “Allah Akbar.”

Israel’s Ambassador to Mauritania, Boaz Bismuth, said no Embassy staff were hurt in the shooting attack, speaking to Israel Radio in a telephone conversation.

2 Responses

  1. Why do we have an embassy in Mauritania? The Israeli State continues throwing money away for causes other than our Yeshivos!
    Pray for those precious Neshamos who were in the building, that they should see todays miracle and return to G-d!

  2. Thank God No Injuries, Why doesnt the UN let them just strike back to defend them, now there is going to be a reselution condemning them for firing back and not just letting them destroy the embassy and kill every one in there. Dont say I didnt think of it first

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