PHOTOS: Rubashkin Visits Novaminsker Rebbe & Agudath Israel Askonim (Photos By Henry Rubinstein – Dee Voch)



  1. Kollel Faker go back to being a faker Glad you judge a fellow yid a kadosh vetohor Bal bitachon like no other in this generation Hatzadik Hrav Rubashkin

  2. @kollel faker – And we were all chayav klaya during the days of Mordechai v’Esther, yet we celebrate Purim. . .
    (a) after 8 years in prison, he did teshuvah.
    (b) even the great justice system of the USA says after serving time a person is at least reformed, if not forgiven.
    (c) The bank fraud (charges) were the direct result of the plant closure, which was brought about because of the “hundreds of illegal workers” about which Reb SMR knew nothing as they all presented SSNs (all immigration and labor charges were dropped).

  3. Kollel Faker, initially I also didn’t understand what was happening with this massive celebration. But, when you think about it, it might make sense. Rabashkin, was first hunted down by federal agents and then handed a ridiculous sentence. His צרה brought All different untra-orthodox groups together. His experience of 8 years of darkness has been an inspiration to many people. From the depressing prison cell, he’s been writing letters of חיזוק. He’s emerged a different person, from who he was when he was sentenced.