NJDC Calls For The Firing Of Talk-Show Host Michael Savage


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savage.jpgToday, the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) called upon Talk Radio Network, the company which syndicates host Michael Savage to drop Mr. Savage from syndication. NJDC’s call for Savage’s removal follows comments yesterday which defamed late Rep. Tom Lantos on the day he passed away.

Discussing the recent death of Rep. Tom Lantos, Michael Savage stated, ‘You’re not supposed to talk badly about the dead. I generally wouldn’t do it. But in the case of Tom Lantos, I’ll make an exception. I think he was one of the most — he was a scoundrel. And I’ll tell you why I detested Tom Lantos. The man survived the Holocaust of World War II and used it as a weapon the rest of his life.'” [SOURCE: Media Matters for America].

“Michael Savage has a pattern of saying awful, hurtful things. These latest comments about the late Rep. Lantos are disgusting. Enough is a enough. It is time for Mr. Savage to be accountable for his actions,” said NJDC Executive Director Ira N. Forman.

“Of course Mr. Savage has freedom of speech,” continued Forman. “But so do those of us who find his comments disgusting. And it’s time for all of us who find Mr. Savage’s behavior unacceptable to call upon his employers to replace him with someone who will use their freedom of speech more responsibly.”


  1. Oh please. He should be fired for that ?! Please what are we the thought police. What did he say “kill the Jews” That’s called using the holocaust as a weapon and playing right into his hands proving his point.
    Someone please stop this senseless whinning. Worse stuff is said
    on wbai 99.5 fm everyday.

  2. Incidentally, I have heard that Mr. Savage is a Jew, himself. I’d be more impressed if a prominent fellow republican called for his ouster, rather than a Jewish Democratic group.

    As to his comment, even if his language and delivery are insensitive, *IF* his claim is true then I don’t believe he should be forced to resign. If it were baseless and malicious slander, however, then one WOULD wonder what kind of nasty agenda Mr. Savage WOULD have.

    As everyone knows, of course, the Zionists invented and perfected this trick of using the holocaust as a means to improperly achieving their very deceitful ends; however, as history has shown, Zionism has been, and is, a fiasco and far from the utopian (commie) paradise for Jews it held itself to be.

    So, not knowing the rest of the facts here, Mr. Savage’s comment does not seem like a readily inappropriate one, given the above.

  3. Please, people stop complaining about every little thing. We should enjoy our freedom here in America, and just stop it already. We are becoming a bunch of whiners like Al Sharpton. stop already!!!

  4. Savage is far far from “one of us”. Although he is jewish (I believe his real name is Weiner)anybody who listens to him knows how he has great respect for Christianity and little for Orthodox Judaism which he considers to be cultlike. He also does not support the US giving money to Israel.

    That being said I do not believe that he should be thrown off radio since he should be entitled to free speech like anybody else who says offensive things. Being offensive is just his style. Plus he is very on the mark on many many issues that effect all of us such as Islamofascism & global warming among other things and is not afraid to say what has to be said.

    I didn’t support the removal of Imus for his remarks last year either even though I NEVER listened to him & I wish ABC would drop him from their morning show.

  5. They join muslim groups around the country who want him fired. its disgusting. he is an avid supporter of orthodox jews and he is the only one in the country who says the truth and does not care about being politicaly correct.

  6. Lkwd fellow- if you now anything about Michael savage, you’ll know he’ll NEVER apologize.
    Now- I thin this group is doing a very foolish thing. I have listened to this ma for a long time. It is true that he NEVER mentions that he is jewish and almost makes it as if he is christian or that he has a lot of respect for them – and I’m not sure if it because he is embarrassed to be now as jewish or because he knows that his views combined with him being jewish will make him very unpopular- HOWEVER he Does always stick up for Jews and israel and always blasts the muslim world-like noone ever did or will publicly. [By the way , think about it
    a jew blasting muslims etc… how ould that look to everyone]. I beleive that he realy is Proud to be jewish and or at least feels a connection. I get this vibe from listening to him for a long time. Knocking him off the radio will be one of the biggest mistaes ever. He has millions of listeners daily, who hear one voice in america, and one voice only, who tals the truth about the arabs and defends jews that attack defensively- and knocks us for NOT ATTACKING more… He has incredibe influence. This is why CAIR, the muslim desprately wants him out. Please do not join this terrble group. Whoever Wants him out obviously does listen to him on a regular basis. Please do not try to stop this man, who I think is Hashem’s way of allowing people in america who want to pursue the truth and not be influenced by the regular media, get that truth. BIG MISTAKE.

  7. Michael Savage is by far the most interesting and enteraining talk show host on the radio today. He is also a fierce supporter of Israel as well as many jewish causes and has only the best things to say about jews. He has risked his whole career in fact to show up the jihadists for what they are. Lets not forget he is in the entertainment business and stop nitpicking through silliness. Listen more often and you will see.

  8. Michael Savage is a National treasure.

    He is the only person on the air who speaks his mind bluntly, without accomodating “political correctness.

    Today, he is the only one of the top three talk-show hosts who still attacks the promoters of immorality in our culture.

    He does not hesitate to call PM Olmert and Ehud Barak “traitors” to the Jewish people.

    He defended the Jews of Gush katif, and he is defending the Jews of the West Bank/Hebron.

    He despises Reform and Conservative Judaism and states openly that only Orthodox Judaism is authentic.

    His real name is Michael Wiener. He was born and raised inNew York in a poor neighborhood and rose to prominence based on his brilliant “Iluyishe” mind. He has multiple degrees in epidemiology and nutrition. He has written over ten technical books in this area, plus three best-selling political books.

    …And he despises the Democrat party, whom he considers immoral idiots, who are destroying the Country. His famous aphorism is “Liberalism is a mental disease!”

    No wonder, then, that this flack for the Democrat party, Ira Forman, has jumped at the opportunity to attempt to get him off the air.

  9. I’m no fan of Michael Savage (a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx, incidentally) but he is right on the money about Tom Lantos. The fact that he suffered and survived the Holocaust in no way mitigates the fact that he was an anti-American, anti-religeous, left wing Facist bum whose burial in a Jewish cemetary should not be allowed.

  10. What offends most people, especially these pseudo Jews whose religion is Liberalism, is that he tells the truth and doesn’t accept their disgusting lies.

    The nation needs a lot more straight talk and less emotionally overload care speak that ends up coddling terrorists and murderers.

    People in today’s society have put emotions ahead of logic to an unbelievable degree. Obama is the extreme expression of this. He has done nothing and his policies and opinions are a grave threat to America and Israel.

    We need more clear speech like Savage’s and less garbage from the likes of Foxman and company.

  11. i am just curious how many members this NJDC has & who is even paying attention to what they say,

    its not the comment that bothers them at all, what bothers them really is the following, that this guy has & yes he has very strong conservative views & he has the right to free speech which is protected by the first ammendment in this country,

    Sorry he is here to stay & those who cant tolerate his opinions or his views or whatever he says, just boycott him & dont listen to him at all, He has to big of a following to get him of the air to bad & yes he sticks up for us jews & that is what counts & not what some liberal democratic group thinks about him.

  12. I think Ira Forman should be fired- and sent to live in Iran.
    How dare he try to silence anyone that doesn’t share his ultra liberal beliefs- while standing behind a Jewish organization!

  13. Guys please stop and leave the man alone. If you listen to him for more then twenty minutes the man speaks his mind on a million different topics ranging from food to why the Arabs have not invented anything in the last six hundred years. Where else can you hear a real thinking man on the radio or anywhere for that matter? Besides let be honest he is most probably right i.e. Rush on Donavan McNabb…

  14. I’m a little surprised. By all the commentary on a frum website, no one is evaluating this in light of our own values: shmiras halashon. Whether we regard his statement as lashon hara or rechilus, our bigger hashkafa is to speak sensitively and to avoid harming others. Imagine the impact of the comments on Lantos’ loved ones. Doesn’t that matter at all. I happen to be a fan of Savage because he is right on a lot of issues and speaks courageously against the destruction of moral values, but he can be very obnoxious at times in the way he speaks and I believe its part of his effort to get and keep high ratings. He could have made a point that Lantos was a pretty left-wing guy in many respects without using such an explosive and hurtful rhetorical device.

  15. I don’t know if we (Jewish folks) should be sticking our necks out again and trying to change the world by firing a well liked talk show host. HOwever, we could and should call in and write letters by the hundreds to protest these comments

  16. I agree with #4. Liberal Democratic Jewish groups are becoming more and more like Al Sharpton and the like. Also, Savage’s poor taste in expression notwithstanding, his messages are overwhelmingly conservative, anti-terrorist, and most importantly, pro-Israel/Jews. Why a Jewish group would want to silence one of the few voices that usually stick up for us and our conservative values (frum Jews at least), is beyond me. As a side point, us Jews should not bring attention to ourselves in a public way if not necessary. When we start criticizing others as a group, then we invite them to view us, and criticize us, as a group. Agudah vying for some practical legislation is one thing, but stam demanding apologies from talk show hosts is silly (see Eretz Yisroel’s Gedolim’s stance on boycotting German products shortly after WWII)

  17. ani oymer- are you playing G-d now? Who gave you the ability to decide if he is one of us, a Jew is a Jew and it isnt for you to decide.
    Im proud that he is a jew as he is one of the few radio personalities that doesnt play poltics. He may be a republican but he speaks the truth about President Bush. While his comment about Congressman Lantos may be off color, it is no reason for him to be thrown off the air.

  18. He happens to be the one of the most passionate supporters of Israel and strongly advocate getting rid of Ahmedenejaid I heard him say on his program in response to someone that called asking why he is so pro Israel as follows: “Because I am traumatized by the holocaust and don’t want it to happen again.”
    What he said with respect to Lantos may have been foolish, but given his trakc record, he must be forgiven for it.

  19. WHAT A SHAME NJDC?????????????????????????????????? HE IS THE ONLY ONE FIGHTING AGENTS C.I.R.E.

  20. I listen to Savage frequently. His point is this:
    It’s irrelevant what happened to Lantos 60 years ago. As of his death he was anti-capitalist, liberal wacko who was selling US down the river (high taxes, illegal immigration, runaway spending, etc). So while I feel real bad for Lantos about the holocaust, in the end, his lack of traditional American values (work hard, family values, belief in G-d) did not help US.

  21. To Town Crier-no. 35:

    Why don’t you cut the nonsense about “Loshon Horah” and “crossing the line.”

    There is such a thing as righteous indignation–justified anger.

    When you see what the liberals have done to this country–legalized baby killing, rampant immorality, destruction of jobs and bisinesses–you feel like screaming: LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE!”

  22. Dear Town Crier:

    Cut the frum baloney about Lashon Horah. Righteous indignation is justified when you see what this bum Lantos did to this country with his left-wing sponsorship of the worst immorality and baby killing.

    Anger is fully justified when speaking about the lowest dregs of humanity, even if the inhabit the hallowed halls of Congress.

    Thank G-D, there’s one person in the miedia who speaks bluntly to power.

  23. To those who asked:

    The NJDC is the Jewish section of the Democrat Party. Ira Forman is employed by the Democrat Party and is a part of their attack apparatus.

  24. No 3 said
    As everyone knows, of course, the Zionists invented and perfected this trick of using the holocaust as a means to improperly achieving their very deceitful ends; however, as history has shown, Zionism has been, and is, a fiasco and far from the utopian (commie) paradise for Jews it held itself to be.
    If Zionist invented and perfected it, chareidim learned to do it very well themsevles too. The entire concept of kollel in America, one that did not exist in Europe that way is does here, was predicated on the thesis that the Torah world has to replace that which was lost in the Holocaust. Entire chasidic communities base their entire worldview upon the experiences of 1939-45. Most recently in Pomona, New York Paul Savad, an attorney representing the Tartikov yeshiva in their litigation to build a complex in Pomona said that it is necesary to build this complex because of the Holocaust. So, hakatan, what is your point?

  25. Halevay Savage would become a Frum Yid and be a Manhig. He could bring gants klal Yisroel together with his talent, if he had the proper Hashkofos .

  26. cantoresq your attack on chareidim and your support for preserveramapo in this post is uncalled for (even with haKatan in post 3 and his uncalled for post). (you didn’t think that I would let it go without a return comment, did you)? make your point against hakatan without attacking others.

    Let me give you some history, peppered with some thoughts and speculation: 50 some odd years ago (not sure exactly) a group yidden got together and built a Yeshiva, many children and their children went to and perhaps their grandchildren continue to go to this Yeshiva. It is a nice Yeshiva and it serves a portion of the population that needs such a Yeshiva in an outstanding manner. This Yeshiva has been at its current location for the past 40 plus years. now comes some thoughts and speculation: It could be that when the tract of land was purchased and the plans were drawn, there were neighbors and other townsfolk who were opposed to this building – with noisy kids in a residential area, additional school buses, car pools, evening events and of course this prime piece of real estate is now off the tax-rolls. But, the builders had a vision and they perservered against whatever challanges they met and they built it AND (back to fact) it has served the community for all these years. I know that you are {speculation} happy that this Yeshiva is there against whatever odds they may have faced. Fact mixed with speculation (ouch): in todays environment, without the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) of 2000, who knows if it would have succeeded in being built. It does exist and B’Ezrat HaShem, ASHAR will recover from the fire and continue to educate your children and to serve the community.

    in around 50 years from now, if we are Chas V’Shalom still in this golus, wouldn’t it at least be nice to celebrate a 100 year old Monsey institution (ASHAR) along with celebrating a relatively new 50 year old institution and who knows maybe even a ground breaking ceremony for another Yeshiva.

  27. Using the Holocaust as an excuse for getting money,power or fame is wrong. That in itself does not make a hero. It is what he does and accomplishes with his life afterwards that counts. Talk show hosts need ratings,so they take extreme exxagerated views on events. When one is in the public arena,he is held up tp a standard based on what his words and actions cause to happen to the country. Just because one suffered does not make him great if he does wrong acts. Someone who went through the horrors of 1933-1945 and still kept his Yiddishkeit and loyalty to the Torah,THAT IS A HERO
    Savage is an entertainer,not a rebbe or a leader. He is a commentator who says things in an extreme way to bring out a point. His philosophy of what life in the USA should be,is very much on the mark.

  28. mdlevine – Without RLUIPA, the Babads and their gaggle of lawyers would have to purchase property zoned for their intended use instead of trying to stuff 5,000 people into a village of 3,000.

    Why are you so against others exercising their civil liberties?

  29. Just a quick survey here for all the Michael Savage listeners: would you let your kids listen to him?
    And a P.S., and please answer honestly: do you ever find yourself listening with some morbid fascination that today might be the day he has a full-blown apoplectic fit on air?

  30. Michael Savage is a Yid whose real name is Michael Weiner. I happen to know the Chabadskers in San Fransisco, and he hangs out there with them (i.e. he attends Pesach Seder, and he attended my friend’s wedding and Sheva Brachos). He is an admirer of Orthodox Judaism, and in fact does not like any other version- he senses the phoniness and the liberal tendencies. Anyone who is an avid listener such as myself, can quote you many times where he has expressed these types of views. In fact there was a show in the summer where a caller (my BIL) called from Lakewood and said “we appreciate the voice you give us all in Lakewood NJ” and Savage laughed and said ” I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE REFERRING TO…” I have heard him have similar conversations with Chassidim from Boro Park who introduce themselves as such.

    He is the only one with the guts and foresight to call things as he sees them- to such a brutally open level of honesty. If you are listening to him to learn Toradike hashkafos, then you’re in the wrong place. Of course he doesn’t espouse a Roish Yeshiva’s viewpoint, but we are adults and we know that.

    The bottom line is that he is good for the Jews and a tremendous asset in the fight against Islamic terrorism (and illegal immigration- which, by the way, he was way ahead of the curve on), and taking him off the air is kowtowing to special interest groups (i.e. whiny liberal Jews ridden with self-guilt etc…)

  31. I figured out he was jewish from his books he says things there that only a jew could write. That said, I have never heard him say explicitly on air that he is Jewish. He is very sharp and funny as hell and I love listening to him when I get the chance.

    As many others have mentioned, he is 95% or more of the time on the ball with his view points.

  32. mdlevine, you are the first poster on this blog who I feel a true need to meet in person. You know we’re two sides of the same coin. I’ll be in R. Ciner’s schul on Bridle on Friday night, and at KNH Shabbos morning. Should either venue be convinient, please come over say hello.

    First off, I was no expressing support for Preserve Ramapo. I was making a point that chareidim too capitalize on the Holocause. Paul Savad’s public statements about his client’s project was a good example of it. So, welcome though your words always are (tov li Torat picha mealfei kesef v’zahav), your rejoinder was, in this instance misplaced. You should be careful about misusing your arguments, as now this one, which was perfect (hey it was witty, touched on history [a favorite tactic of mine] and was a brilliant manipulation of personal information I have made known here. I loved it) is now wasted. But don’t be too sad, you’re wrong. I don’t think anyone could reasonably oppose Tartikov building a Beit Midrash. I know I wouldn’t. It’s the housing that they seek to build that is upsetting. So your tzu shtelt of Ashar to Tartikov seems erroneous. Nice try though. Indeed it was so good that if you come to KNH and then over to my house for a drink, I’ll break out the good stuff.

  33. savage is the greatest friend that jews and the state of israel has ever had on conservative talk radio. he pulls no punches he says it as it is. yes he is brash yes he is crass and ruthless, so what grow up

  34. cantoresq, thanks for the invite. I know that the YWEditor does not like private conversations in the posts, so I am taking the liberty to extend your generous invite to most everyone here. I, however, can’t promise that I will be on that side of town this Shabbos. Besides if we did get together… we would spend the day(s) debating our positions point by point, at the end, you, of course, would have to concede each point. This would bring embarrasment to you in front of your wife and children… I don’t want to be a part of that. :o)

    Have a most pleasant Shabbos.

  35. #45 is right, not only that but since money and power motivates the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) and NOT the best interest of every yid. It would seem to me that they are like most every other politician in respect to “a judge who takes a bribe is blinded”

    Savage is fighting a war and guess what, he is on the RIGHT side.

    All I can is say is NJDC is dead wrong on this and making a huge Chillul Hashem about it.

    Savage should continue fighting for the Truth and I pray he has continued Hatzlachah.

    Thank you Michael Savage.