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Fuel Rationing In New York City Extended

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is extending the gas rationing system in New York City through the Thanksgiving holiday.

He announced Sunday that the odd-even license plate system would be in effect through Friday.

Bloomberg said that with 30 percent of stations still closed and a major travel week coming up, the extension would make sure there aren’t the long lines that brought about the system in the first place.

Motorists can get gas on alternate days based on whether their license plate ends with odd or even numbers.

Rationing went into effect in the city on Nov. 9 in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Damage to gas stations and distribution networks had led to hours-long lines.

Gas rationing has ended in New Jersey and on Long Island.


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  1. He’s just trying to cover up that he was in top of the situation the whole time and he’s top priority is to help NYC hes a disgrace to our people and to NYC at large.

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