Canadian Jews Rally To Free Jew Being Jailed In India


jail.jpgCanadian Jewish leaders are urging the Indian government to release a native businessman undergoing a sentence in a Bihar prison for visa violation.

Saul Itzhayek, 42, an electronic components buyer, was arrested last May during a business trip to the region – as reported HERE on YWN. Jewish leaders, who held a rally in Montreal on Wednesday, said in a statement that the prison sentence, even if technically lawful, should be reviewed as Itzhayek’s health was deteriorating.

Quoting his family members, they said Itzhayek has lost approximately 65 pounds since being sent to Motihari prison in Bihar and was suffering from severe depression.

(Source: Frontline India)


  1. Please post fax numbers and/or email addresses for us to plead for his release or at least for better treatment. Pidyon shvuyim takes precedence over almost all other mitzvos as far as I know, especially in this situation where he’s languishing away and suffering from severe depresssion.

  2. Someone has to create a website, with the details, whom to contact, etc. This can result in tens of thousands of emails, raising money, etc.
    If the justice minister in India gets 20,000 emails from all over the world in one week, that might make the person realize this is not going to go away. If the justice minister in Canada, or the president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, is contacted by thousands, that might help.