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ANOTHER CROWN HEIGHTS ATTACK: Jewish Man Brutally Assaulted On Monday Night [VIDEO]


For the third time in three weeks, an Orthodox Jewish man was assaulted in Crown Heights. But this time, thanks to vigilant NYPD Officers together with Shomrim Volunteers, both suspects were taken into custody.

According to a report by CHI, the 22-year-old victim was assaulted and robbed by two black men as he was walking on President Street near Albany Avenue on his way home at around midnight.

The two assailants grabbed him together, threw him up against a car and began pummeling him and punching him in his face and body. In his hands the victim had an empty charity box which was knocked from his hands and rolled under a car.

The victim managed to break free and flee back towards Kingston Avenue, where a police officer saw the victim running for his life.

The officers quickly took one suspect into custody while additional officers chased the second suspect, who was easily apprehended two blocks away at Schenectady Avenue. Both suspects were in possession of knives, and one had a pipe wrench as well.

In the meantime, upon reaching the yeshiva dormitory at 1414 President Street, the victim called Crown Heights Shomrim and informed them that he was attacked. Other patrolling Shomrim volunteers noted the police activity and the apprehension of the two individuals and put the story together, reaching out to the police and helping to put them in touch with the victim and offer translation services until NYPD personal became available.

The suspect were identified as being 19 and 20 years of age, both African American males. One had a single prior arrest and the other had multiple priors. They were both charged with assault and robbery.

The victim suffered bruising near his eye.


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  1. Another Dindu Nothing, child of Deblasio/Obama/Clinton/Sanders.

    Mayor Debolshevick will give him a medal.

  2. C’mon votek–who could have predicted that such violence would occur and from AA assailants no less? Obviously random and without cause.

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