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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Says “Israel Should be Condemned – Innocent People Are Being Killed”


Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has condemned Israel for it’s response to violent Palestinian protests at the Gaza border, in which many known terrorists participated and attempted to carry out potentially fatal attacks against Israel, infiltrate the border fence to plant explosives and attack nearby Israeli towns. The IDF response killed 60 and wounded at least 1200.

“Instead of applauding Israel for its actions, Israel should be condemned,” Sanders said in an interview with Deconstructed host Mehdi Hasan. Israel has a right to security, but shooting unarmed protestors is not what it is about,” he said.

In this short conversation, Sanders talks about the consequences of the U.S. pulling out of the Iran deal, the dire situation in Gaza, and the oversized military budget that fuels our endless wars.

When asked how much he thinks President Trump is to blame for the violence on Monday after the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Sanders replied “It doesn’t matter what it is. Obviously Trump is playing a very counterproductive role in every sense.”

[RELATED – HAMAS ADMITS: 50 Of The 62 Killed In Gaza Were It’s Members, Many Paid Terrorists]

Anti-Semite UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn slams Israel

Viral social media message called for Palestinians to bring knives and weapons to the protests

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

24 Responses

  1. Could anyone suggest to all these stupid politicians that allegations of people been murdered at the boarded protests have to be proven, an international team has to go down to Gaza and investigate if it is true, can’t believe these hamas terrorists, they always put up shows and lie as it is known by everyone.

  2. Why do they keep repeating lies? Blood-thirsty invaders with the declared aim to “rip out the hearts and livers” of Jews and to burn Jews ,aren’t innocent or peaceful.Where were you ,Bernie Sanders, when a family had their throats slit by Arab attackers?They were innocent.When Jews ,including babies, were mowed over and slaughtered with cars by your Arab friends?The Jews were innocent.Where were you when a family going to celebrate a pre-existing Shabbat were gunned down by Arabs? They were innocent.Everyone is fed up with your HYPOCRISY, Bernie!

  3. It is to be expected for anti Semites like Bernie Sanders to come out with these types of comments. It isn’t even news!

  4. Boynee Sanders should be condemned (to death!) cuz innocent rich white people (and black people)are paying more than their fair share. under good true socialist policies all people will pay an equal tax. divide the budet by the population.

  5. These idiots dont understand the defference between innocently protesting and braking fences damaging property, infiltrating weapons and bombs and waiting for the best opportunity to kill an Israeli, these people don’t want to see reality just because of hatred towards Jews.

  6. Take one self-hating jew called Bernie who caters to the extreme left. Then take one extreme left wing anti semitic politician from the underdog party in the U.K., called Jeremy, who caters to the extreme left and radical voters. You now have two politicians who twist reality into falsehood

  7. This blood libel spreading traitor is worse than a kapo. At least kapos were trying to preserve their lives. Liberal
    “Jews” are the worst enemy imaginable. I doubt his mother was even Jewish.

  8. I pray that there should never again be an incident of terror. But if there is, I hope people like Bernie Sanders is the first victim.

  9. And this blind white-haired sheik wants to be president of the United States. His anti-Semitic views are rabid and viscous. Curious how he would explain yesterday’s clip of the dead arabs lying and moving around – laying dead just for the cameras!

  10. Perhaps the most ironic statements I’ve ever heard. The US congress has to reassert itself as the policy maker on foreign policy. Ahem, executive, non-binding Iran deal, moron?

  11. After listening to the whole thing, open-mouthed in disbelief over Sanders’ obtuseness on every issue, it is frightening he could have had support from anyone with an IQ over 60. Oh, wait…

  12. Some years ago, a frum women was driving her car with 4 daughters in the back seat somewhere in Israel–possible in Judea. Rounding a curve, two “peaceful” Palestinians open fire with automatic weapons, severely wounding the woman. The car careened into a ditch. The two gunmen ran to the vehicle and at point blank range slaughtered the driver and her 4 daughters—–a unique or common incident in Israel ????? If Sanders or many others overlook such “common” occurrences, I have not.

    If Israeli soldiers kill Palestinians who among us can judge their actions under the stress of sniper fire, rioting, arson and planned chaos ????

    B’vah’chah’shah, suggest all Jews do more Talmud Tor_h, more davvening and more Chesed !!!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen
    Riverside, N.J.

  13. Dear Bernie,
    It sounds like you are still running for leadership of the devout liberal Democratic complainers. Have you also been rallying against the incessant murder, gassing, and chemical massacres by the Syrian and Iranian forces? If so, you’re not being covered well. You fail to recognize Jew hatred as the operational ploy, being used by the Islamic world (now mostly the Shiites), to disguise their hatred of governments that not only defend themselves, but thwart the Islamic fantasy of world domination, and the disgracing subjugation of non-Muslims. Instead of showing your admiration for Israel’s many humanitarian efforts, including this recurring situation on the Gaza border (a new border based upon Israel’s pre-emptive withdrawal – leaving a functioning infrastructure that Hamas destroyed, rather than build upon for social and economic growth), you choose to condemn your historic roots for standing up to the latest Hamas plot to infiltrate, kidnap, destroy, ransom, and terrorize our people. This is what you do to galvanize your liberal support base? If Socialism is what you want, move to Sweden, while you still can (soon it could be Islamic and Judenrein). Honestly, you should run for President … of a liberal University like Columbia, Princeton, or the University of Vermont. You’re in step with liberal college youth, but out of step with working America, Defense, and the political consequences of appeasement, particularly with terror inspired regimes and the fantasies of competing ethnic and cultural rivals like China, Russia, and the Islamic World.

  14. The fact that 80% (50 out of 62) that were killed in Gaza were admitted to by Hamas as being terrorists proves that in such large gatherings Israel showed incredible restraint in picking out almost only terrorists. But facts never get in the way of idealogues like Bernie Sanders and his ilk.

  15. Amazing that such a fool even had ANY chance at the Presidency! Self hating Jew. Where are all these sickos when babies are slaughtered sleeping in their cribs? Parents in their beds, civilians blown to bits while doing the unthinkable act of grabbing a slice of pizza or riding a bus?! I don’t recall EVER hearing a word from any of these idiots then.

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