TRAGEDY IN MONSEY: Child Struck And Killed By Vehicle In Home Driveway


A young child was R”L struck and killed by a vehicle in Monsey on Monday afternoon.

Rockland Hatzolah responded to the call at around 3:30PM for a child struck by a vehicle in a driveway of a home at Phyllis Terrace – across from the Vishnitz Bais Medrash.

Upon arrival, Hatzolah found the 2-year-old child in traumatic arrest. The child was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital, but doctors were unable to save her life and she was Niftar moments later.

The child was identified as a daughter of R’ Levi Yitzchok Rosenberg. They are a Sanz Klausenberg Mishpacha.

Chesed Shel Emes was on the scene.

The Levaya details will be held on Monday night at 8:15PM by the Sanzer Bais Medrash on Suzanne Drive.

The Ramapo Police Department is on the scene conducting an investigation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Pls don’t post— I do NOT want this to lead to machlokes and lashon hara— just to make you think: I thought this story would have a name to daven for, as most do, and was beyond disappointed not to find one (as of yet). I was being Dan Lkaf Zechus I guess. So you posted this story, even with pictures…. for what? To copy goyish gossip papers at supermarket counters?

  2. A Refuah Shlaima to the child b’soch Kol Cholei Yisroel.

    Just a friendly suggestion to YWN: The proper term for this type of occurrence when either a blunt blow or a penetrating object leads to the heart stopping to beat is “traumatic cardiac arrest”. The term YWN repeatedly uses, “traumatic arrest” doesn’t indicate what has stopped. “Cardiac” should be part of the description. Otherwise the term could be interpreted as someone being arrested by the police which was so traumatic for the victim that it caused him to become dangerously ill.

  3. zimano-
    I have a great idea for you, instead of trying to change the world by telling YWN what to and what not to post, how about dont read the article. And if you really want to change the world, do something thats in your control.
    You dont like the content dont read it, simple. And how do you see Lashon Hara and Machlokes coming, after R”L such a tragedy to a fellow yid ,do you think people actually have the chutzpah to start Machlokes or Lashon Hara, because if thats how you think yidden will react, just as you said in your comment, you need to be Dan L’kaf Zchus

  4. Boruch Dayin Emes ! no family in the world should ever have to suffer such pain ! The summer is approaching and sadly to say we have seen a lot of tragedies during the summer months..
    Perhaps let’s all take upon ourselves something small to be better in in the zechus all these tragedies just end already ! We have all sufreeed Enough ! Let’s do it ! Make that kabala today !!

  5. To BMG guy: note my post said, ‘Please do not post, I do NOT want this to lead to machlokes and lashon hara— just to make you think.’
    I was talking to YWN. Unfortunately they didn’t listen and EXACTLY what I was afraid of is happening,. And FyI, the only reason I READ the piece was to get the Tehilim name, which sadly is no longer applicable.

  6. Bde. Beyond sad.
    Just by the way,traumatic arrest is not same cardiac arrest.cardiac is when the heart is affected and traumatic arrest is when brain is impacted..again BDE

  7. A valuable and painful lesson to us all never speed into your driveway and certainly be very cautious when reversing out of your driveway !!!!!

  8. The Town of Ramapo doesn’t care about the lives of Jewish children!! This has happened too many times in Monsey because of the way the Town of Ramapo allows greedy developers from Monroe to stuff as many families as possible into the smallest area.

  9. Arnie you are 100% correct this became one corrupted town. The so called Heimeshe Chevraon the board are voting in every single application they don’t care about the quality of life anymore. We were hoping that went St. Lawrence went down this will all stop but unfortunately it’s all continuing and spreading like a wild fire. What a shame! 100% Greedy Hungry investors that are obnoxious STOP!

  10. Arnie, now come on…. you know better than that. It would be like me blaming the politicians in Albany for allowing me to catch a cold because of the freezing temperatures in NY in the middle of January. Or, claiming my apartment building is anti-Semitic because on Shabbos I have to walk up 12 flights of stairs to my apartment unit. This is a truly tragic and traumatic situation for all families and communities involved. Stories like this have sadly occurred in sparsely populated areas (like the Catskills) and heavily populated areas like Brooklyn. No one “stuffed” families anywhere, but they chose to reside and raise a family to Torah and Mitzvos in that “small area”. We should only see brachos in that “smallest area” again. Yerushalayim is also the “smallest area” which should only see brachos too.

  11. Just saying that it is so over developed that the so called “Playground or Green Area” is the “Driveway” so what is expected to happen???

  12. Arnie:
    The Town of Ramapo doesn’t care, as evidenced by the way they allow developers to stuff as many families as possible into the smallest area?

    Excuse me, but who do you think put these Town of Ramapo gangsters into office — and with the specific goal of turning the Town Gov’t into a corrupt mess of greed, answerable ONLY to the developers and to the families of the Rebbes?

    The ainam yehudim?

    The Reform?

    The Modern Orthodox?

  13. the parking by vizhnits is so dangerous every time i pull into that same street to daven theres kids ripping around on bikes and i always get nervous when parking its mamash sakana and i should have predicated something should happen loi aleinu it is way to overcrowded and dangerous

  14. TGIShabbos, tragedies do happen. But there is such a thing as building suitably. Monsey was not laid out for the dense housing it is now being stuffed with. Look at the pictures! 7 vehicles stuffed into what was originally a single family home’s lot. Where do you think the children play in Kaser? In the only areas the builders leave them. Too bad they have to jump every time a car or delivery truck has to come in. Monsey was not designed as a city. If that’s what you’re looking for then go to Hudson County.

  15. Town of Ramapo’s fault, Kaser Villiage’s fault… seriously? Do you people believe in anything at all such as that Hakadosh Boruch Hu runs the world? Must you try to find “reasons” for everything no matter how far-fetched? My friend’s neighbor ran over and killed their child in their sprawling 3 acre mansion driveway so who’s fault was that? We should all stop pointing fingers and do Teshuva instead because that’s the only thing that will help.

  16. Can we all remember that there was a tragedy of epic proportion, r”l. A young child was snuffed out! Can’t we wait 24-48 hours before we rant with all our ridiculous talk! Remember, there is a dead child here! Why are talking about corruption and not recognizing that a tragic death occurred and parents are grieving! What’s the need for this talk now! וכל בית ישראל יבכו את השריפה אשר שרף ה

  17. Moderator. Please why can’t u just disable comments for this. There is a family that is seriously hurting. For their sake please take down the comments and disable further ones

  18. Nhorow, of course Hakadosh Boruch Hu decides if, when, where and how events happen, whether tragic or wonderful. That doesn’t mean we don’t take precautions. And if we’re talking about teshuva, let’s start with demanding it of the developers who cause tzar to widows and elders. I personally know a widow is anguished because she has gone to public hearings at Town Hall numerous times against the builders destroying the neighborhood around her to no avail. Hakadosh Boruch Hu promises severe consequences to those who cause tzar to a widow and even to those who fail to speak up in her defense.

  19. Nhorow: If I understand you correctly, you are saying that the responsibility for Phyllis Terrace children having nowhere to play or even stand outside, other than a tiny courtyard that doubles as a parking lot, and for the residents there flying down the street in their cars, and flying into these same parking lots full of children rests with us – – and not with those who drive this way and who voted in a town board that allows these children to be placed in such danger?

    And that WE, the people who tried to fight this disregard for safety, but were steamrolled by voters who live in Kaiser, have to do teshuva?

    Not those who created this situation and not those who drive like madmen?

  20. Why do you all have to bicker over narishkeit? A child was killed, the family & community must be beyond devastated, why make things worse by fighting over semantics?

    Instead, perhaps say a Kapitel Tehillim or do something nice in the child’s zchus, & spare a drop of rachmones for the parents.

  21. Dear Annoyed, You have no reason to “pull in there” if it gets you nervous. Plenty of us park in the large viznitz cheder (old YSV) parking lot when coming to daven in viznitz. It’s much safer and you’ll only need to walk a few extra yards.

  22. Chaya13, this poor child wasn’t killed by someone attending the shul nor “flying thru”. Her own father accidentally drove over her in that postage stamp-sized delivery/parking/play yard!! Neither Kaser nor the Town of Ramapo have ever given a thought to the sakanot of these death traps. We need to tell families to stop moving into these tenements!

  23. “Must you try to find “reasons” for everything no matter how far-fetched?”

    Is it far fetched to say, “toddlers who play in area frequented by automobiles are likely to get hurt”? Shomer Pesayim Hashem only goes so far.

  24. Folks. Sorry for being blunt. Someones 2 year old is dead. There will be a levaya. There are devastated parents, possibly siblings, heartbroken family, neighbors and friends. At least wait until the child is buried for the bickering.

  25. Arnie, I am not disagreeing with you that Monsey isn’t becoming congested. But to claim that the Town doesn’t care about Jewish people is absurd. With all due respect, they can move. There are 50 States in the US that we have the liberty to move to, and B’H no one is ‘forced’ to stay in one neighborhood or area (remaining there for work, family, personal reasons is respectfully their choice). At one period of time I lived in Manhattan, but felt that the quality of life and safety of raising kids there is not to the level or comfort I expect- so I moved. If something G-D forbid happened there, should have I blamed the City? The Mayor? The Building codes for not having enough room for my kids to play on Amsterdam and Broadway streets? Where did they have a place to play?? Answer is no where without a parent’s supervision in a gated park.

    Yes, everything is up to Hashem 100%. But if I choose to move to Venezuela, and I get attacked for wearing a yarmulka in the streets, then certainly I have some ounce of participation. It’s not just Hashem and Venezuela’s “Fault”. If you complain that your community is dangerous, overcrowded, or kids don’t have a place to play then please consider the options of 1. Moving. 2. No playtime, unless an adult is supervising in an appropriate place for play. 3. Gating or enclosing an area for appropriate play. no more tragedies ever- please.

  26. TGIShabbos, why should I move after living here over 50 years? Who turned Monsey into an overcrowded slum? Some greedy developers who bribed corrupt politicians to downzone it. The people moving here do not understand the streets were not designed for the traffic it now has and these developers who made such dangerous forecourts because they had to squeeze as many units into as small a space as possible have now murdered a child.