WATCH: Escort Of Hagaon HaRav Moshe Shternbuch Arriving In Kiryas Joel On Visit From Eretz Yisroel


HaGaon HaRav Moshe Shternbuch Shlita visited Kiryas Joel on Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday, Rav Shternbuch visited Williamsburg, after arriving from Yerushalayim.


  1. it used to bother me and i once approached one of these kind of suv drivers and he said in willy culture its just presidential in England its horses and bands…, so it puts it in perspective a little noise for a few minutes he didnt come from willy like this they just lined up some in kj

  2. First Willy, then KJ….is he a chosid? Or do the gedolim of eretz yisroel feel more kinship with chasidim than with litvish?

  3. i seem not to remember such a procession for RAK ztl, RMF ztl or the Rav ztl. seems like chukat hagoyim raising their ugly head

  4. כָּבוֹד כָּבוֹד כָּבוֹד – Not R’ Moshe (he most likely had no clue about this stupidity), rather those superficial Satmer Gaboim blowing this way out of proportion to feed their own ego’s, yes of course he agrees with your extremist views and you are glad to have him visit, but please think for just one second ‘What do i enjoy so much about driving in this outrageous escort?’ – be honest.
    Pretty simple to see why they call America the land of superficiality.

  5. “police escort?”

    What police agency uses the Cadillac Escalade as an unmarked vehicle? I dont think there was an official PD vehicle in the entire procession.