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PHOTOS: Atzeres Tefilla In Yerushalayim For The Future Of Chinuch In England

Following the call of leading Rabonnim and Roshei Yeshivos across the UK an Atzeres Tefillah was held in Yerushalayim for the future of Chinuch in England. The Atzeres began by a drosho delivered by HaRav Yaakov Hillel who said that when such a gezairah befalls us we have to look within and improve ourselves. Evil, explained the Rosh Yeshiva, does not have an existence on its own; what fuels the evil in this world is when yidden allow the outside world to penetrate inside them. We must first have contempt for anything impure and then the gezaira will be nullified on its own.

Mirroring the Rosh Yeshiva’s words, HaRav Pinchas Breuer, quoted R’ Shimshon Pincus saying one has to “knock that goy out of you”. To combat such gezairos, we have to raise ourselves, especially the Bnei Torah, above society and its so called values, and project the words of the passuk voavdil eschem mikol hoamim.

Rabbi Breuer cut his powerful words short with the arrival of HaRav Shimon Galai who led the over 600 people gathered with a heartrending recital of 5 pirkei tehillim. Before he began, he said that klal yisroel’s strength over all the generations was the power of tefilla, we are gathered here tonight to flood the heavens with our tefillos. All gathered were visibly moved. The Atzeres finished on a high with the recital of Tefillas hashlah and Kadish.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. With all the news of how “chareidi jews” act in Yerushalayim ( assault, rock throwing, yelling nazi), i think you fellas have lost any credence when it comes to telling us about not acting like goyim.
    If you want benai Torah to raise themselves above society but yet see it a necessity to mezalzel its values by qualifying them as “so called”, then i recomend providing an admirable alternative: a society without zilzul, without violence against people in uniform who are willing to give up their lives for you, and without fear of earning an education.
    Perhaps all these traits would have prevented these gezeiros in the first place.
    In the meanwhile, this crisis is self inflicted.Again.

  2. Pardon my extreme ignorance of this issue, but I cannot find any reference to this in YWN (other than the 2 articles) when searching under England and Chinuch. Googling “england education reform” returns articles from 2015. So I do not understand what the problem is

  3. This gezeira is mosy likely a mida kneged mida for for shoving the molestation issur under the carpet.
    Why do out precious children need chinuch when you subject them to molestation by not eradicating it from your schools , shuls etc.

  4. This gezeira is most likely a mida kneged mida for shoving the molestation issues under the carpet.
    Why do our precious children need chinuch when you subject them to molestation by not eradicating it from your schools , shuls etc.

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