Biden Troubled By Trump-Kim Summit Results


Former Vice President Joe Biden says he is troubled by the outcome of the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Biden says in a statement released Tuesday that Trump has given North Korea multiple “wins up front without getting anything in return.” He says those include an easing of pressure on Pyongyang, the suspension of U.S.-South Korean military exercises and the summit itself, which gave Kim legitimacy.

Biden says that in return, Trump got only “vague promises” to begin negotiations on North Korea’s nuclear program, reducing U.S. leverage.

Biden is accusing Trump of taking “an inexcusable and irresponsible approach” to the summit by not fully preparing for it, and he is urging the administration to focus on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.



  1. Typical trump derangement syndrome
    As if the Iran deal was better
    All never trumpers must face the facts: Trump is a tough negotiator, and the world needs the U.S. as much as we need them. Obama’s weak and dangerously stupid foreign policy made us look like fools on the world stage. If you don’t like his character that’s ok, but don’t deny that his policys are worse than obambambas!

  2. Joe, it’s time for you to hang out with the bingo players at the old age homes..

    Your redundant statements are just reaffirming the waste of time the 8 years you were A VP with almost zero accomplishments, vs the current administration accomplishED more in those first 500 days more than you and Barack Obama and staff did in long 8 wasted years in office… Be smart Joe, just shhhh. Had you /the previous administration, have effective ideas about North Korea, Iran you would have done it while you guys were in power.

    Be happy you are out of the White House and don’t embarrass yourself!

  3. “Biden Troubled By Trump-Kim Summit Results.”? of course he should be troubled, after all it is diminishing his chances for 2020.

  4. Of course cuz this duffis and his compatriot didn’t dare go there! Thanks you two dopes. Bambi would have given away Wyoming and Nevada along with California and Nebraska for the photo op.

  5. Trump no doubt thinks there’s nothing more to do, problem solved. Now let’s get back to destroying our relationship with our closest allies.

  6. he’s “troubled” by it because obummer didn’t make this deal. If obummer had done this deal, it would have been just wonderful.

  7. @rt
    Seems that you go by Thinks, doubts, about the President when he clearly said that the purpose of the meeting was to open up a dialogue between the US and North Korea, something that many previous presidents in the past tried and failed. I go by his actions. Uncle Joe was a 8 years waste of time In American history. Like it or not.