WATCH: Shep Smith: Kim Jong Un ‘Got it All’ In Exchange ‘For Nothing’


Fox News’ host Shepard Smith wasn’t entirely convinced that the meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un ended up giving the U.S. that much.

“The United States made concessions in exchange for no hard promises,” he said. “Stopping joint military exercises with South Korea while North Korea makes a vague commitment to work together towards denuclearization. The agreement the leaders signed is very short on specifics.”

He continued:

“America demanded complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization… There is no guarantee of that. Not even words to that effect. And we may not know for years whether we’re actually now on that road or left in the potholes of paths past. But Kim Jong Un, he wanted the photos. The seat at the table. He wanted the legitimacy that came with the event. The handshake with America’s president. And he wanted those military exercises with the Americans and the South Koreans that happened every year to stop. Kim Jong Un got it all for actually doing nothing.”


  1. Shep, your Trump derangement syndrome is showing – badly. He got to sit at the table with the leader of the free world, and the man who will sign his death warrant if he doesn’t fall in line. Trump forced him to the table, not the other way around. Stopping military exercises is not a real concession. They can be started again at any time if he doesn’t comply. I bet it would be better if Trump handed him pallets of cash – oh sorry, that was 0bama.

  2. I personally have a bunch that this whole thing with North korea the koreans set us up for this whether it was to become popular or to get money etc. But you can never know…..