The newest trend, UNLIMITED Home Repairs-You Need this!

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New: One Unlimited
Monthly Subscription That Covers All Your Home Repairs!

It always happens at the
wrong time. The light bulb in the kitchen burns out an hour after your husband
leaves for his business trip, or a pipe starts leaking right before Yom Tov.

We all have those small
things that suddenly break down in our home, and then major household mishaps.
Sometimes, all at once.

Finding a trusty
handyman who’s available and reliable can sometimes take hours, and it can get
expensive. Service fees can be costly, and unexpected home repairs can take a
huge chunk out of your budget. But here’s an amazing solution!

Introducing WeFix

WeFix is an innovative solution that saves you both
hours of frustration and exorbitant service fees. WeFix has a large,
reliable pool of vetted professional handymen, and a set low monthly price no
matter how many repairs your home needs. It’s easy, it’s smart, and it’s 100%

Simply submit a ticket
by calling or using our online system, from your desktop or mobile phone. WeFix
will then assign our professionals to hop over and solve the issue as quickly
as possible.

What type of repairs
does WeFix cover?

Just about everything
your home could possibly need! From plumbing to electricity, and carpentry.
From repairing sinks and bathtubs, to replacing outlets and changing light
bulbs, to fixing shelving and cabinets, and so much more.

It’s all covered with
one low monthly fee, no matter how many times you need a handyman.

If you’re a landlord who
keeps going to rental apartments to fix or replace utilities, weFix can save
you hours of maintenance every month.

It’s easy to sign up,
it’s easy to order a pre-vetted handyman who will come whenever you’re
available, and it’s easy to pay with automatic low fees that cover all repairs.
There’s also an on-demand option with one-time fees if that works better for

Enjoy a premium Repair
Concierge for a low price, with reliable results and no hassle. Join our many
satisfied customers and experience revolutionary home maintenance.

Sign up now online, call WeFix at 929-259-3735, or you can Watsapp/text WeFix
at 929-258-4862, and you’ll be covered in minutes!  Once you sign up,
you can simply call, text or message to schedule a service call.