WATCH: Congressional Candidate Pepper-Sprayed Himself To Promote Gun Control


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Colo. Democratic congressional candidate Levi Tillemann doesn’t believe in arming teachers to prevent school shootings. Instead, he says pepper spray should be enough to stop a school shooter, and to prove it, he had himself pepper sprayed in the face on camera.


  1. Does this really work in real situations? I doubt that school violence perpetrators will easily allow pepper spray proponents to act unobstructed. No one wants schools to become equivalent to prisons, but achieving pre-entry and responsive safeguards, is an enormous challenge. Real time camera monitoring of all entries and exists, hallways, and classrooms doesn’t guarantee timely responsiveness. Airport style x-rays, get’s some stuff, but those have also been breached. Home schooling or remote video schooling loses important social interaction benefits, so most people want to focus just on gun control, even though permissive or out-of-tuned parents carry much responsibility. We need multiple pronged approaches, education, technological tools, and probably some psychological profiling. These kids need help, long before the problems manifest so terribly.