SHOCKING PHOTO: Neturei Karta Covers Children in Plastic As They Protest in Heavy Thunderstorm


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People driving in upstate New York on Sunday afternoon were met with a shocking sight. A group of Neturei Karta activists were protesting outside Kiryas Joel, holding signs and chanting the usual anti-Israel slogans.

While this alone may be troubling to some, it was something else that really alarmed people. Despite the at times heavy thunderstorms on Sunday, several young children were seen standing beside what can be assumed is their father or older brothers, covered with a sheet of plastic to keep them dry.

Apparently, safety for children is not at the top of the list for the peace-loving protesters.



    putting a dramatic word in all caps doesnt make the story “SHOCKING”
    We are sick of this YWN. We get it, you need to make a buck, but stop trying to clickbate us, you have a decent website, is there really a need.

  2. big deal ?! who cares the children look fine. your sinah is mekalkeles es hashurah to make everything so terrible lets deal with real news stop fake news!!!

  3. I guess children covered in plastic is stupider, but hats covered in plastic is almost as bad, and not limited to Neturei Karta. Felt hats are made for rain, and plastic is utterly unnecessary. Streimels – I don’t know, but Jewish dress is supposed to be dignified, and plastic on any kind of hat is not.

  4. Sadly a family of proactive traitors to yiddin. Bogdim and mchalelei hashem. Ozray oyvay yisroel helpers of the killer enemies of milliins of yiddin!

  5. but its not like they were in actual danger their fathers/older brother would see any one of them in any sign of distress they would have yanked it off immediatly

  6. Dont forgive me for saying this
    but this type of headline just shows the blatant idiocy of yeshivaworldnews
    please yeshiva world editors take this comment extremely personally
    your wild agenda of blaspheming charedim has just caught you out with this ridiculous news headline “the evil satmar rain protectors”
    [This is not to say that any of us (and when i say “us” i mean the “us chareidim” and the “you yeshiva world news”) actually condone neturei carta meshugaim and their craziness but ywn is clearly not trying to condem them rather to blaspheme all chareidim in 1 pot hence this article together with hundreds of others that grace our news headlines daily like “AGAIN: evil charedim avoid sitting next to arayos”]
    we know what you are up to
    and we know its not about neturei carta