WATCH: Fighting Back Against Yaffed – Protect Our Yeshivas; A New Campaign


Over the past several years, a small group of ex-yeshiva students has waged a public campaign of misinformation about our schools. The have routinely misrepresented the reality of daily life at the city’s yeshivas, and in the process committed a huge disservice to the tens of thousands of parents who proudly send their children to yeshivas each year.

Our parents, teachers and graduates have a different story to tell.

Today, the advocacy group Parents for Educational and Religious Liberty in Schools (PEARLS) debuts a series of videos offering a look inside our yeshivas. Please take a moment to review video #1.

PEARLS will release a new video every week over the course of the next month.


  1. Unfortunately the video doesn’t show any Secular studies being learned; and fails to give evidence of an adequate education.

  2. “proud of the ability of sending my kids to such a yeshiva”???
    A woman who sounds like she’s breaking her teeth on English???
    Is this an ad for YAFFED???

  3. I am not part of this fight
    But let’s be honest
    Knowing how to write and speak English properly is a good thing
    Knowing how to use math is important
    Too much of our kids secular education is a big joke to the kids and the schools

    Let’s see where we can improve and stop trying to pretend this is not a real issue.

  4. Whoever fights for the kedushah of Klall Yisroel will succeed in every dor, and the ones who ridicule the derech of Yiroel Saba might frightfully be victims of a holocaust. Chochmos Yovon does not improve yiddishkeit. Get it through your heads!!!!!!!! We have lasted against all odds in this golus and we will prevail until the geulah. Don’t sell your soul for a small group of fools. You abouve thing Olam hazeh is the ikkar or the only life we have. We will NEVER give in, These anti kedushas yisroel are meaningless losers. B’shaim Hashem na’aseh v’naztlich!

  5. According to the Supreme Court decision in Yoder v. Wisconsin, religious parents have the right to completely discontinue all secular education after 8th grade.

  6. I applied to teach in Bobov-48 and looked at their curriculum. It is only a few steps less than a full Public-School program. There is no arts, music, and very little science. Everything else is there. Their English is quite good. The math program is as good as regular math 50 years ago.
    I am a product of B.P. yeshivas plus full college. Some Chassidic yeshivas are starting to educate their students with full programs. If you want them to teach that LGBTQ is normal and should become accepted, then you are going against the TORAH and against Judaism. This is what is happening in England and probably other European countries. Unless we retain control of our Yeshivas we will not be able to raise the next generation of TORAH observant Jews. The law of the land is going LGBTQ and contrary to the 7 Noachite-Laws. This is Apikorses and the agenda of the controlling left. Anyone advocating to follow laws of the land against TORAH-Values, falls into this category.

  7. Many commenters figure its simply easier to kill the messenger or at least discredit him rather then take tbe hint and fix the issues which are obvious.
    So far the vidoes show less then nothing . Try a new video, maybe it will be a bit more convincing, but most of the silent community know the deep down truth of what really goes on in the secular dept in most chadarim and mesivtas.

  8. Big Bob – it was chochmas yavan that provided the foundation on which the Jewish calendar was established. chazal praised chochmas yavan. the issues were with philosophy and literature that spoke of many gods with human passions.

    the result of binary thinking, rachmanah nitzlan, is exhibited in the video. no secular OR public school. the ethical model or a murderer. ano beinani ano.

    and stop showing the few that succeed as opposed to the vast majority that are below the poverty line, receive every form of public assistance and are possible chessed fund candidates waiting for bumps in the road to occur.

  9. Dr. Yid. I guess the chashmonaim were wrong at their Milchomoh and the miracles that happened to them were just by chance. G-d doesn’t need you to help him. Tzdokoh is a mitzva. Most cases at the chessed fund are people who were making it an then a tragedy happened, so don’t blame them, blame G-d. It does not look like you are from the big donors anyway that you should have a ay how people should use their money.

  10. DrYidd, the jewish calendar owes absolutely nothing to chochmas yovon. It is based entirely on the mathematical and astronomical knowledge of Chazal, which was based on the Torah knowledge of Shevet Yissochor, who were יודעי בינה לעיתים. And the Rambam wrote at the end of Hilchos Kidush Hachodesh that he wrote all these details so that people would not have, chas veshoiom, to go looking for them elsewhere: כדי שיהיה הכל ידוע למבינים, ולא יחסרו דרך מדרכי התורה, ולא ישוטטו לבקש אחריה בספרים אחרים. דרשו מעל ספר ה’ וקראו, אחת מהנה לא נעדרה

  11. There is no difference between these people and the Maskilim yimach shemom. They want exactly the same thing. Jewish chadorim resisted the maskilim, they resisted the Yevsektzia and the NKVD, do they really think they will be afraid of the NYPD?!

  12. Conservate 1 = fake news and out right lies and fabrications.
    Go to any public schools corriculum and compare with any bp cheder and u will see the real truth. No body is suggesting learning traif concepts. Everyone knows secular in most chadarim are laughed at both by the hanhala and talmidim alike. The only reason its done is to get government funding but talmidim arent learning much. How can a talmid learn even the basics when the whole concept if laughed at by thier own rabbeim. The whole thing is one big joke until its too late when these boys go out to support thier families and realise how they were taken for a ride.

  13. Takes2-2tango – I would suggest you are fake news! You have an agenda! I would not mind comparing my educational credentials with yours. You sound like someone from the Left. Do you have any gripes against the Yeshivas???
    There are many things that need improvement in the Yeshiva system. This is not the way to address them. There are many more problems with the Public School system which you don’t even acknowledge.
    I would also suggest that you don’t teach today in the Yeshiva system. That, plus any personal conflicts, are probably the cause for your opinion about the current status of secular education in our Yeshivas. I agree that there is work that needs to be done in STEM areas. There is also work that needs done in the STEM public education system.
    I wonder about your education, any abuse history, and your general upbringing.

  14. I see two problems in the very frum community.

    1. Chassidim like Satmar, New Square and Vishnitz for example have very mediocre secular elementary education systems .To deny these facts is out right lie. Simple as that. It’s one thing to try to fool the non jews, it’s another thing to lie to everyone who went through the system.
    HOWEVER if you notice most Chassidim do go to WORK!!!!!! Only their best and brightest stay in Kollel after a few years. After a year or two I have noticed most go to work. The problem is when they go to work they have limited skills due to their education.
    2. In the litvish world most elementary (not all) have a decent secular elementary education system. HOWEVER they push Kollel on all of them to stick it out until they cannot. By then it’s 4-6 kids later and they are in a big financial hole which is very difficult to dig yourself out of.

    If the two systems somehow merged together we will be a financial stable community. Amazing they do not do this.

  15. milhouse, rambam did not include the scientific basis of the calendar that was entirely equivalent to the science of the greeks and romans. since few people knew much of that science rambam remains with little commentary from his regular nosei keilim. i assume you are aware with raavad’s comment that presages that.

    if you think the science behind the calendar was the maserotic knowledge of issaschar then why was it imprecise relative to current scientific knowledge? if it was part of a mesorah, i would assume it was entirely accurate. chazal were MO and knew the sciences of their day of which they made brilliant use.

    if you want to try an experiment, go and ask your favorite Rav if he knows kiddush hachodesh. remember the Levush could not find a teacher without going to Italy. given where he lived and the gedolim in his environs, you can imply something.

    current chareidi education will cause kiddush hachodesh to become a lost part of torah, Rachmana nitzlan

  16. Takes 2,
    Check up how many Bills-several, were passed in the these past few years in NY and other similar states and Canadian Provinces pushing/demanding L”*&Q+ of private and public education
    So far in practice NY shrewdly is adhering to the Go slow approach
    However if their moment comes, it’s all there in print..Be scared,

    Once more castigating others ,IN this case c1, to support of nefarious endgames!

  17. DR.Y

    “if you think the science behind the calendar was the maserotic knowledge of issaschar then why was it imprecise relative to current scientific knowledge? if it was part of a mesorah, i would assume it was entirely accurate.”
    WEAK .Most of chazal is based on mesorah and yet they are constantly arguing, defining details

    “chazal were MO”
    That is one of the funniest statements ever made here.Thanks for a good laugh
    chazal would have been thrown out of MO shuls
    Permit me a snippet or two:
    Capital Punishment for this, Capital Punishment for that
    Calling countless studies Apikursus


  18. in time of truth:

    rebbe meir continued to learn from an apikoret and his wife was a maharat 🙂

    half of the nasi’s family received a good roman education

    capital punishments were less than 1% of the US rate.

    they knew the science of their times.

    tell me exactly what mesoreh did they refine relative to kiddush hachodesh