SEE IT: Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg Responds To Heartbreaking Letter From an Orphan in Camp



Campers in Satmar’s Camp Rav Tov in the Catskills were writing letters to their parents, an activity which they do from time-to-time throughout the summer

One of the children, Avraham Brodie, wrote a particularly emotional letter, so much so, it was brought to the attention of the Rebbe Shlita of Williamsburg.

Avraham, an orphan, sent a letter like the other children, to his father, who was niftar. He addressed the letter to Gan Eden, describing his life in the camp and how he misses him. On the outside of the envelope, he wrote: “Anyone who wants to, please take it.”

In the top right corner of the envelope, there was a directive for the children whose father was not in the city, but rather in another camp or colony, to write the name of the camp so that the letter could be sent there. The orphaned child wrote in Yiddish the same line about his father: “You are in Gan Eden” (“ער איז אין גן עדן”).

When the counselors saw the heartbreaking letter, they sent it to the Rebbe, who was so moved, he responded personally to the child.

The letter was one of chizuk, telling young Avraham his door is always open to him.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Really is special of The Rebbe. Was just wondering why the letter is in loshon kodesh? Seems like it’s a young boy , would he understand it himself ?

  2. Very nice, as would be expected from any half-decent leader. Now, why is this private letter on YWN? Is everything in Satmar only about PR?

  3. Why do people always need to find criticism in everything!!!!
    It’s a beautiful thing that the rebbe decided to reach out to the boy and be mechazek…
    As to why it was written in Hebrew could be that he knew that it will likely be treasured by the boy for years to come and would be more choshuv for him in Hebrew than Yiddish down the line. Just maybe….

  4. Brought me tears…. Why Loshon Hakodesh? ur all asking. Well, a letter from a rebbe, especially with thos tremendous Pesukim & Chazal, should be learned deeply together with his Mechanchim it should go into his heart

  5. It will be translated for him and he will keep this letter for a long time. It will be a beautiful gift for him. When he will grow up he will treasure it.

  6. Instead of everyone guessing, why doesnt someone ask the rebbe.
    Its intetesting how many chassidim ask the rebbe the most mundane questions ,yet no one thought of asking him this question.

  7. To the comment about Satmar PR:
    We really do not know exactly which individual sent this letter to YWN. Why are you knocking Satmar? By the way are you 100% perfect?

  8. More to the comment about Satmar PR:
    In 2018 when the time of anyone – without knowing who, when & where – snapping a picture with a phone and send it around to the whole world, takes less then 2 seconds, you should be ashamed with your nonsense comment that is nothing else but inner hate feelings to satmar, and to the real satmar rebbe especially.