The Yeshiva World Announces Pre-Yom Tov Advertising Sale


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The time before the Yomim Tovim is a busy one for both advertisers and readers. The Yeshiva World often experiences an increase in demand for holiday related promotions, as well as a spike in traffic resulting from the additional chagim-related stories.

To accommodate this demand, we’re offering a unique promotion to allow businesses to establish a consistent advertising campaign to our readers. It takes repeated exposure to make an impact on people’s buying decisions, which is why the best advertising campaigns are ones that are sustained for a period of time.

We’re offering a discount package of Press Releases or Instagram posts, as part of a subscription that locks in these reduced rates for a consistent period of time.

A package of 4 Press Releases normally retails for $1,400 ($350 each), but is currently being offered at 40% discount for just $800 ($200 each).

Similarly, a package of 10 Instagram posts normally costs $1,000 ($100 per post) and is being offered at a 60% discount for just $400 ($40 per post).

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