WATCH: Hillary Clinton Shares Favorite Memories of John McCain, Including a Vodka-Drinking Contest


Hillary Clinton shared some memories about the late Sen. John McCain on Sunday— including how they once did vodka shots together on a trip to Estonia.

“We had fun and laughed a lot. We had some drinking associated with our fun,” Clinton said on CNN about the time she spent travelling with McCain and other colleagues while she was a Democratic senator from New York in 2004.

While in Tallinn, Estonia, Clinton recalled “a memorable night in a hotel right on the old square doing vodka shots” — but denied the drinking contest was her idea.

“I would not take credit for it. I think it was a mutually agreed-upon venture but we used to say ‘What happens in Tallinn, stays in Tallinn,’” she said, laughing.

Both politicians managed four shots of vodka; the rules were unclear, but Hillary — McCain’s one-time political rival — was declared the winner, according to the restaurant proprietor (though in her own account, Clinton said they “agreed to withdraw in honorable fashion,” rather than name a winner).