MAILBAG: Schools Starting So Late After Summer Vacation – INSANITY!


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I know I’m probably reiterating what has been stated many times, but why is school starting SO LATE?

Why are the girls still sitting home after more than 2 months of summer vacation? Why must my children be bored bored bored because my husband and I can’t take off more work to entertain them?

Why are the day camps and “camps after camps” so exorbitantly overpriced, which I’m forced to send because of work, yet work doesn’t cover the expense and will spend the ENTIRE YEAR paying out those funds, only to be bombarded again for the following summer come Purim time?

Why have the boys started school but not the girls?

If the answer is busing, I’m sure many parents would prefer to have school without buses for a few days than no school.

If the answer is that teachers need a “break”, well they’ve been on break all summer long, way more than any other working person.

Please don’t tell me that it’s not the school’s job to “babysit” my kids because that answer is ridiculous.

Even once school starts, there will barely be any days before Succos.

Can we please change this system now???

At the end of my rope.

Name withheld upon request.

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  1. believe me the administrators children are NOT bored because they all have summer homes and they drive up all weekend from Thursday afternoon till Monday morning.
    I davened this morning in Woodbourne minyen and 3 yeshiva administrators where there.
    Try to FIGHT city hall

  2. I honestly don’t know what your problem is. Summer starts and ends on the same dates regardless of the year. Summer vacation starts the last week of June and school year starts after Labor Day. Why should this year be different?

  3. Your points are very well made and most parents would agree with you. The problem is what motivation does a school have to start earlier? It will increase their costs something they definitely don’t want to do. All it will take is one school to do it and then the rest will have no choice but don’t hold your breath.

  4. It’s so crazy….
    There is more days in a year NO school then yes,
    Why a fasting day there is no school? The teachers dont fast,
    Why before purim before camp 2 days in chanika there is no school?
    Why sundays no school?

    Why are we paying this week tuition when there is no school? (Tamiz,uv,elil,tiara, there is 5 only 5 days school, but we paying for 4 120 days)
    We need a change,
    In Yiddish we saying: איטס אויס וועלט

  5. Labor day falls almost as early as it possibly can this year. So, this is actually possibly the worst year you could have chosen to complain about this. Your implication that your kids are bored of all this break and are aching to return to school tells me that you’re either flat out lying or you’ve never spoken to a kid in your life.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that you have to send to the in-between camps, but isn’t there any other option? A relative who can watch your girls while you’re at work? A neighborhood teen who’d be willing to watch the girls for cheap? How old are your daughters, and how many do you have?

  7. Boredom isn’t a parent’s issue. The problem is they have to work, what can they do about little kids home during the period between the end of camp and day 1 of school? Not everyone has family or friends willing or able to babysit.

    And I never understood a staggered start. Day 1 is Day 1 (I get orientation for pre-schoolers) Why do they get in their uniforms and then come home at 11:00 am? Day 2, till 2:00. And so it goes.

  8. Can anyone explain why the Europeans are ok with 1 month school holiday and the Americans need 2?
    One educator once complained in Hamodia that after such a long holiday schools have to start teaching last years stuff again as over 2 months kids have it all forgotten!

  9. As a MOM You should be HOME Raising your own kids, not Working, then you wouldn’t be stressed. You’d take your kids to a PARK or Zoo, or Fishing. Don’t have kids if you resent them being home.