WATCH THIS: Shulem Lemmer Performs National Anthem At San Francisco Giants Game


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Shulem Lemmer performed the National Anthem at the San Francisco Giants game on Wednesday afternoon.

Lemmer made historic headlines a few months ago, when he became the first Hasidic singer to sign a record deal with the prestigious Universal Music Group.

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  1. Hashem should always be watching and caring for us..
    What is the issue here?
    Why not encourage other yidden by showing them we are alive, well and happy..
    If even one yid is encouraged to go to shul on R.H. and Yom Kippur it was all worth it.

  2. Hashem Yishmor ! was only meant for those who understand what the issue is here. Having to explain the issue is a no go. Why go to shul, when you can come to the baseball field and have the chazzan and baseball. No need to prove anyone were alive! we are the only nation since inception that the world has tried many many times to eradicate us without success. We are alive!, not by singing on the baseball field, to the contrary the baseball field needs to be revived. Have you ever followed up on these players, drugs, killing, etc… their not alive. are they ? . Then you have 10,000 people yelling and waving their hands when a guy hits the ball over the fence or whatever.B ut just yesterday he killed someone with that same hand!

  3. wolf musings
    he doesnt mean dafke….EG:OJ .a ehrlicher yid has no business tzu drien tvishen shmutz.

    Then he should say that.

    You don’t see any problem with calling someone a murderer when they haven’t committed any crime?

    The Wolf

  4. When an incredible voice. You know it wasn’t so long ago Moishe Miller sang the national anthem at Yankee Stadium for both the Yankees and the Giants. Most folks will know him as Robert Merrill. Rivn Ticker (Richard Tucker) was also another famous Jew who sang the anthem at Giants games in the old Yankee stadium. And last but not least was Jacob Pincus Perelmuth aka Jan Peerce. I mention these three since I was privileged to hear them all sing at the opening of Giants games. This young man is following in the footsteps of some Jewish musical giants.

  5. I think it’s a Kiddush Hashem for a religious Jew to publicly show respect for the National Anthem, an important symbol of his host country, in contrast to other groups of people who are treating it with contempt.

  6. I dont know what our gdolim say about this. I think it is beautifull ( before knowing what our gdolim think) but… please tell him that the sign he made with his hands together on the way out is not allowed. A lot of ydden are doing that thing putting hands together like the goym do when pray. Please everyone should know that thank G-d you didnt know till now but thats a hand gesture goym do when pray. I see frum people using also this hands together sign online. Its assur. Tx

  7. Instead of saying wow look at this Chasidisha Yingerman, (with a signed contract that many popular singers Jewish or non Jewish would love to get btw rumors are that the contract includes Torah enforced laws that they most comply with), going up there singing so nicely a great Kiddish Hashem etc. Let’s find the good in each other so Hashem will find the good in us.