Animal Rights Activists Protest Boro Park Kapparos Center – Break Fence; NYPD Responds [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


Yesterday it was Williamsburg. Today it was Boro Park. Which Kapparos center will the unemployed socialist animal-rights activists strike next?

Well, YWN has the list (see below)!

On Friday afternoon, a group of people wearing “Tzar Ba’alei Chaim” tee-shirts protested at the Skver Boro Park Kapparos Center on 14 Avenue and 45th Street. The NYPD and Shomrim were called, after the group got violent and broke a fence. No arrests were made.

One eyewitness told YWN one following quote screamed by a protester:  “I fear I might turn violent, as I witness this unspeakable slaughter, in the name of religious piety! I cannot allow myself to get arrested — if the cops get me, I can no longer be of use to the animals! I will just have to control myself! See you on the barricades!”

As YWN reported on Thursday, a group of only two protesters showed up at a Williamsburg Kapparos Center to protest. It is likely that the reason for the low turnout in Williamsburg was due to the protesters campaigning all day for the lying socialist Julia Salazar who won the Democratic primary for a state Senate seat in Williamsburg. [Make sure to read how she lied about being Jewish among other things]

Many of these “animal rights activists” are the same type of folks who attend BDS rallys, Occupy Wall Street, RESIST, “Not My President”, and chant “Free Free Palestine” at anti Israel demonstrations. YWN has in previous years confirmed the same faces seen at all different venues of protest. If you have any doubt in who these people really are, see below about what kinds of signs they were told not to bring.

You can be sure that these activists didn’t protest the Hamas use of birds to carry bombs into Israel [as was reported by YWN in July]

It is interesting to note that the same people that are so overly concerned for the lives of chickens, have no problem killing unborn children.

Day: Thursday, September 13th
Time: noon-3pm
Where: Myrtle and Bedford in Williamsburg
*Please arrive on time, as we may be mobile depending on set-up of the Kaporos sites. Location changes will posted in this Event Page.~~

CHICKEN CARE VIGIL #2 – this location may change!! Please check event Page morning of the vigil to ensure you have accurate meeting point.
Day: Friday, September 14th
Time: noon-3pm
Where: 14th Ave and 44th St in Borough Park, Brooklyn
*Please arrive on time, as we may be mobile depending on set-up of the Kaporos sites. Location changes will posted in this Event Page.~~

Day: Saturday, September 15th
Time: 2:30pm-5pm
Meeting point: will be announced Saturday morning by noon latest. Due to Sabbath, no sites are advertised. This means scouts will have to search neighborhoods morning-of to locate crates of chickens left out. Thank you for understanding the last-minute nature of this.

Day: Sunday, September 16th
Time: 11am-2pm
Meeting Point: 44th St and 9th Ave in Borough Park, Brooklyn
*Please arrive on time, as we will be mobile depending on set-up of the Kaporos sites. Location changes will posted in this Event Page.~~

Join Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos, The Save Movement, and Jewish Veg for a Week of Vigils during the Kaporos rituals in NYC. IMPORTANT INFO BELOW:

1) *Mass Vigil will be September 17th at 6pm in Crown Heights!* 6pm meeting time, corner of Kingston and Eastern Parkway.

2) Locations and times will vary throughout the week, as the sites are not posted by the orthodox community until only a few days before. Note that the majority of the vigils will occur in Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Borough Park, and Crown Heights), and possibly Flushing, Queens and/or Lower East Side in Manhattan. Stay tuned to this page for updates as they become available.

3) These are peaceful, nonviolent actions. The vigils on September 14-16 will be Chicken Care Vigils, providing shade and water for the chickens left out in crates. September 17th will be a Mass Vigil. NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO VIGILS ON SEPTEMBER 12TH (the chickens have not arrived yet at many locations;the ones that are starting have no way for us to access the crates). THERE MAY BE A SPONTANEOUS VIGIL ON THE 13TH IF WE LOCATE AN ACTIVE SITE FOR THAT DAY.

4) About 100 signs will be available at the Mass Vigil. We are hoping for 250-400 people. If you wish, you can bring a faux candle to hold, make your own sign, or simply not hold an object and be available to document/live stream/otherwise assist.

If making your own sign, please keep messaging focused on the chickens, not the people.


-The Holocaust


-“All Lives Matter” or similar

-References to Israel/Palestine situation

-anything that can be construed as anti-Semitic



  1. why doesn’t the aguda who condemened trump for not allowing illegals kids into the country ask de blasio their “good” friend to condemn these mishuganos?

  2. Whoever does kapros in the city are just idiots. I do not get how they can transfer their aveiros when they cause a chillul hashem and are hurting animals (no water, broken bones at times) which is osur.

    There are places like Lakewood for example which does it very bseder and clean (at least they try).

    To do in the city is just asking for lots of trouble. Plus your defeating the entire purpose.

    I propose that the city folks do it on the farm before they the country during the summer or if the minhag is so important to do after rosh hashanah travel to a farm. Do not do it on 14th ave. So stupid.

  3. I have another suggestion. If there are Rabbonim/Roshei Yeshiva, Rebbe’s who believe to do Kaparos with money then they should do it with money and take a picture and post it on YWN. There are those that need to see that so and so is doing it with money or went to a farm to do Kaparos.

  4. mylogic37, it’s a minhag of kadmonim. The problems, if they do exist, should be rectified but do not mock a minhag Yisrael. Others mocked Metzitza b’peh and stated it didn’t really need to be done etc. Jews have been doing this for millenia. It’s a minhag kadosh that needs a fix of the problems ie. children manning the center’s distribution to the retail customer etc., the water issue etc.

  5. YourKrumaLogic37,

    Please don’t get involved in minhagim I have and mitzvahs I do. You’re only concerned about yourself so that you don’t “look” bad. I would suggest you learn halochos of what a chilul HaSh-m REALLY is (probably more along the line of your posts, than anything happening with the chickens!!!) and what tzar baalay Chaim REALLY is as well. There’s nothing wrong with a chicken squawking when it is touched. Don’t start getting babyish on us.

    Most of all stay away from our minhagim!

  6. In Europe it wasn’t done in the center of town!! It was done by the shoichets hoif !! I remember growing up in Brooklyn it was done in the backyard or ally’s of the butcher shops. Now the business is booming the butchers don’t care. Have a gemar tov !!!

  7. This is really more of an opinion piece rather than news. Other outlets have some decent reportage without all of the name calling,hyperbole unsubstantiated accusations, and they have credible quotes from both sides of the issue.

  8. Mylogic37,
    These demonstrators are:
    A. Certainly ignorant of ‘true reality,’ which is ‘Torah,’ because of weak education
    B. ‘Kapores’ has been performed for, at least, 800 years. View ‘Wikipedia.’
    C. Any poor treatment of chickens should be corrected, but it’s Not ‘ Tzar Baalei Chaim,’ because it’s Not intentional. Accidents happen everywhere.
    C. Why should a human being be merciful, while other animals are not? Survival of Fittest?
    Boruch Hoffinger, Facebook

  9. Jerkoq:
    The Williamsburg “protest” was at a butcher shop that has a shochet on premises to shecht. These guys don’t care how humanely it’s done. Their main complaint is that we eat chicken, period, who’s lives they consider of equal value to humans.
    The reason they are protesting here is because kaporos got negative press in the past, and it’s local. An alley is not private anymore in this world of social in your face media.

  10. I love how some people want we should stop using chickens, or to at least not do it in the “city centers”, to gefel these pro-abortion chaya ruas on two feet who see no difference between humans and chickens…We have to gefel these retards…