WATCH THIS: Shulem Lemmer Performs G-D Bless America at Red Sox / Mets Game at Fenway Park


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Shulem Lemmer performed “G-d Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch at the Red Sox / NY Mets game at Fenway Park in Boston on Sunday afternoon.

Lemmer made historic headlines a few months ago, when he became the first Hasidic singer to sign a record deal with the prestigious Universal Music Group.

Lemmer also performed the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giants two weeks ago.


(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. The only Chillul Hashem is the people wastign their time on erev yom kippur bashing another Jew. Get lost you creeps.

    Keep making us proud Shulem. HUGE fan of yours!

  2. Kiddush Hashem. It was a beautiful rendition. None of the crazy “shtick” some other celebrities do. Firgetting words or singing off key. Anyone remember Roseanne?

  3. Kiddush Hashem… Chillul Hashem…Kiddush Hashem….Chillul Hashem. LOL.
    Why can’t it just be somthing that happened that’s neither a Kiddush Hashem or Chillul Hashem? It’s just a guy who sang at a baseball game and he happens to be frum. Calm down everyone.

  4. Hey searchin345, Totally maskim!
    In my version, “It’s just a no shayches guy who no shaycheslly sang at a no shayches baseball game and he punkt happens to be frum, so what shayches to make such a matzev out of a no shayches inyen”

  5. Listen, Noone asked you for your opinon wether this was a kiddush or chillul Hashem. And now after the fact take it as a lesson for yourself. If you think it was a chillul Hashem then you yourself should never do it!!! and if you feel it was mekadesh shem shamayim then go ahead!!!! ITS TIME TO STOP JUDGING!!!!