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Pomona, NY: Village Grants Tax Exemption to Tartikov

taxes1.jpg[The Journal News reports:] The Pomona Village board voted last night to continue a property-tax exemption for Congregation Rabbinical College of Tartikov.

The Town of Ramapo revoked a similar exemption last year (reported HERE on YWN), which meant that Tartikov was liable for town, school and county taxes, as well as water and fire district charges.

The town withdrew Tartikov’s exemption, not on the basis of the organization’s tax-exempt status as a religious group, but rather on profits from Camp Merokim operating on the 130 acres off routes 202 and 306.

After Ramapo billed Tartikov $78,000 for taxes going back one year, Tartikov sued the town in July 2007.

The lawsuit is pending, as is another in which Tartikov charges that Pomona’s building and zoning codes discriminated against the Hasidic community.

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