NJ Gov. Murphy’s Jewish Father-in-Law Dies; Israel Trip Continues


Edward Brown Snyder, father-in-law to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, has passed away at 90, the governor said.

Snyder, the father of first lady Tammy Murphy, died Friday. In a statement, the governor called him a “proud member of the Jewish faith”.

Murphy, who is currently on a trade mission to Israel with his wife, said: “Ever the mensch, he left specific instructions for services to wait until our return. With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, we will dedicate our presence in this holy land to his memory.”

Snyder, who lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia, founded Checkered Flag Motor Car in 1964, according to his obituary. It’s one of the larges import dealers in Virginia, with 11 franchises and nearly 700 employees.

Snyder served in the U.S. Air Force from 1949 to 1954. His wife, Jean Medway Snyder, died in 2017.

“We consider ourselves lucky and blessed to have been able to speak with him one last time, only twelve hours before his passing,” Murphy said in a statement. “He taught our family so much through his example and we will cherish his every lesson on a life well-lived.”

The Governor visited Germany before arriving in Israel on Saturday.

His office says the purpose of the trip is to “deepen economic, cultural, and political ties between New Jersey and Israel.”

Murphy was U.S. ambassador to Germany under Barack Obama from 2009-2013.

Murphy said taxpayers are not paying for the trip. An economic development organization funded by private industry called Choose NJ is paying his way.

The organization announced this week it’s opening an office in Berlin.

Murphy returns to New Jersey on Oct. 24.

While he’s out of the state Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver will serve as acting governor.

(YWN / AP)


  1. Am I the only one heartbroken and sickened that a Jewish female thought she had “made it” in life by marrying a well to do goy? I can only hope that her mother wasn’t Jewish, so it’s not such a bad chillul Hashem. What was the point in reporting this?

  2. No, we are all heartbroken at the loss of members of klal Yisroel. Unfortunately, there are thousands, and probably hundreds of thousands of people lost to us every year.

  3. Correction, it was a mistake of me to write hundreds of thousands of intermarriages a year, there are not so many Jews that there should be so many intermarriages, but whatever the percentage of intermarriages, it is very sad.

  4. More disturbing are those who would post about being “sickened” that the woman who just lost her father was a “shiksa” etc. I guess sinas chinam doesn’t take time off for aveilus

  5. Gadol, you equal absolute hipocracity and continue to prove each new day here that your life is lead by politics and not Middos Tovos or yiddishkuit. When it comes to Trump’s Jewish children, you have nasty things to say. With Murphy’s wife (who we can’t verifiy if she is halachically Jewish 100%) you calls others with sinus chinum. I would not be interested in attending a funeral for Murphy’s father in law, but I won’t insult him. I expect you to treat Trumps daughter and son in law the same.

  6. To malka6101 instead of posting YOUR unnecessary remark, better you and your friends should spend that time trying to help single Jews marry each other.