Jorge Mario Bergoglio Of Argentina Elected Pope


bergJorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope on Wednesday to lead the Roman Catholic Church, a prelate announced to huge crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

He took the name Pope Francis, the cardinal said.

Cardinals elected Bergoglio on just the second day of a secret conclave to find a successor to Pope Benedict, who abdicated unexpectedly last month.


White smoke poured from the roof of the Sistine Chapel on Wednesday and the bells of St. Peter’s Basilica pealed, signalling that cardinals had chosen a new pope to lead the troubled Roman Catholic Church after only five ballots.

The decision by 115 cardinal electors came sooner than many expected because of the large number of possible frontrunners identified before the vote to replace Pope Benedict, who resigned in February.

The name of the new leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics was expected to be announced in around half an hour from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica.

The secret conclave began on Tuesday night with a first ballot, and four more ballots were held on Wednesday. The white smoke indicated the new pontiff had obtained the required two thirds majority in the fifth ballot.

Following a split ballot when they were first shut away amid the chapel’s Renaissance splendour on Tuesday evening, the cardinal electors held a first full day of deliberations on Wednesday. Black smoke rose after the morning session to signal no decision.

Cheers arose from hundreds of people sheltering from incessant rain under a sea of umbrellas in St. Peter’s Square as the white smoke billowed from the narrow chimney.

The cardinals had faced a tough task in finding a leader capable of overcoming crises caused by priestly child abuse and a leak of secret papal documents that uncovered corruption and rivalry inside the Church government or Curia.



  1. I really do not care and THIS DOES NOT BELONG HERE!
    Just like you ignore certain news stories this also should be ignored. Lehalocha the y are Idol worshipers.

  2. So what. This probably doesn’t affect us much.

    The Israeli coalition negotiations, will probably have a profound impact not only in Eretz Yisrael (especially if they result in “crack down” on non-zionist yeshiovos) but also in America (where Hareidim and Zionists live together fairly well, but will now find sharp lines being drawn).

  3. Aside from all the nonsense comments …What do we know about this man? Does he have any relationship with the Jewish community in Argentina (good or bad)? Has he ever expressed positive or negative comments concerning Jews or Israel?
    These are the kind of comments that would make sense.

  4. Git Meshige: Possible but unlikely. The new pope’s father was a railway worker, and Eichmann never worked at any such job. Also Eichmann was a Protestant, not a Catholic. Also it isn’t clear how much they had as a common language, as the new pope family was Italian and Eichmann was, of course, German. It is unlikely an Italian Catholic railway workers was hanging out with German Lutheran factory worker.

  5. Who will be more Anti-Semitic, the new Pope or the new Israeli government?

    Whatever, I’ll send him an e-mail: Good Yomtiv Pontiff

  6. #12: Indeed, even Moshe Rabbeinu was respectful in dealing with Par’o.

    This from the NCR web site:

    Bergoglio also won high marks for his compassionate response to the 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires of a seven-story building housing the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association and the Delegation of the Argentine Jewish Association. It was one of the worst anti-Jewish attacks ever in Latin America, and in 2005 Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz of the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, praised Bergoglio’s leadership.

    “He was very concerned with what happened, Ehrenkranz said. “He’s got experience.”

  7. The decision by 115 cardinal electors came sooner than many expected because of the large number of possible frontrunners identified before the vote to replace Pope Benedict, who resigned in February.

    This sentence doesn’t make sense.

  8. Could someone please tell me why Jews expect respect from goyim when they show no respect to them? Goyim haters are just as bad as anti-semites. Why shouldn’t the news of a new Pope be on this website? It’s world news. This website gives world news that is safe for a frum person to read. Plus, world leaders affect Jews.

  9. #18- You are asking a question that makes sense. The problem is you are asking it of people who have very little of that.

    The Pope’s relationship with the Jewish people is very important. He sets the tone for Christian beliefs all over the world. The dopes on this site do not realize that perhaps if Pope Pius had cared about Jews, some could have been saved during the Holocaust.