HATE IN NYC: Jewish-Owned Vehicle Found Defaced With Swastikas


A Jewish-owned vehicle was found defaced with a Swastika on Sunday afternoon.

The vehicle was parked in Manhattan near B&H Photo. A swastika was scrawled on the license plate.

The plates are “VAS” plates (Volunteer Ambulance Service), which Hatzolah volunteers have on their vehicles. It is possible that the person who committed this hate crime thought the vehicle was owned by a member of Hatzolah. YWN has confirmed that the owner of the vehicle volunteers for another ambulance service in Brooklyn, and is not a member of Hatzolah.

Police were investigating the incident.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


    is there a video of it??
    Oh, its so scary
    Lets publish it all over
    Its so scary
    Yes, give them the attention
    We should stop with this non-sense
    Maybe we shoyld call a press confrence

  2. About twenty five years ago, some people drew a big swastika in the street near my home. I threw paint on it, cursed whoever may have done it, and didn’t publicize the event or try to have anyone arrested. It does no good publicizing this stupid hatred.

  3. No, lets stick our head in the ground and pretend it did not happen. come on, get real. it should be reported or this will not be addressed as needed and jew beatings will be called assaults instead of hate crimes.

  4. Make police reports. NYC police is known to downplay and not to make police reports unless you insist. Then the statistics will be as if crime rates are down in NYC, next they will reduce their staff