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The Lyrid meteor shower is underway. But with a nearly full moon in the sky during the peak, it might be tough to see clearly. The Lyrids occur every year

A Polish man has been arrested on allegations of being ready to spy on behalf of Russia’s military intelligence in an alleged plot to assassinate Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Polish

The spring homebuying season is off to a sluggish start as home shoppers contend with elevated mortgage rates and rising prices. Sales of previously occupied U.S. homes fell 4.3% in

The IDF has announced the completion of a targeted operation against Hamas in the central Gaza Strip, resulting in the destruction of more than 100 sites linked to terrorist groups,

A relative of an Israeli hostage with US citizenship being held in Gaza told NBC News that “Israeli security has shown Americans who have traveled to Israel and met with

A jury of 12 people was seated Thursday in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York, and the court quickly turned to selecting alternate jurors. The rapid

Police said nine people are facing charges in what authorities are calling the biggest gold theft in Canadian history from Toronto’s Pearson International airport a year ago. Peel Regional Police

The Combat Antisemitism Movement, a prominent watchdog on antisemitism, has strongly criticized the recommendation by Meta Platforms’ oversight board to permit the use of the Arabic term “shaheed,” meaning martyr,

The Justice Department is ramping up its efforts to reduce violent crime in the U.S., launching a specialized gun intelligence center in Chicago and expanding task forces to curb carjackings.

Live Stream Following the devastating events which took place today, where 3 Sifrei Torah were consumed in a fire along with our beloved shul and Beis Midrash, we will hereby

The Behshad, a vessel registered as a commercial cargo ship with a Tehran-based company sanctioned by the US Treasury for alleged ties to the state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping

Russian air defenses downed what authorities described as five Ukrainian balloons overnight, the defense ministry in Moscow said Thursday, as the sides kept up long-range strikes that have featured heavily

By Rifki Orzech Chazal say we were redeemed in the merit of nashim tzidkaniyos: Miriam and Yocheved, as well as all the women of Am Yisrael who birthed children, even

UTJ leader Moshe Gafni spoke to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the beginning of the week and expressed his opposition to an attack on Iran without the full cooperation of

The Biden administration has reached an agreement to provide $6.1 billion in government support for Micron Technology to produce advanced memory computer chips in New York and Idaho. Senate Majority

With tens of thousands of Pesach travelers making their way to the South Florida and Orlando regions over the coming days, both Hatzalah South Florida & Hatzalah Orlando are prepared

Police Commissioner Edward Caban and other officials joined with community leaders for a pre-Passover Security Briefing at NYPD Headquarters on Wednesday April 17, 2024. Commissioner Caban spoke about public safety

One of the most prominent figures in the far-right Alternative for Germany party went on trial Thursday on charges of using a Nazi slogan, months before a regional election in

Massive Dirshu “Kinnus Olam HaTorah, Kabbolas Shabbos Event” to be Held Before Shavuos at Prudential Center By Chaim Gold The Prudential Center?  Is Dirshu really renting out the Prudential Center?!

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu iced pre-approved plans for retaliation against Iran’s recent missile attack following a phone call with US President Joe Biden, according to a report by Kan

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