CHANUKAH TRAGEDY: Elderly Man Killed By Menorah Fire in Jersey City; Was Retired Dean at Touro College


An elderly man was R”L killed in a Jersey City fire Wednesday night, and officials are pointing the cause to a menorah.

Sources tell YWN that the deadly blaze took place at at around 5:20PM at 2465 Kennedy Boulevard, Gifford Avenue in the Lincoln View Apartments.

The fire was placed under control within 30 minutes, but sadly, the occupant of the apartment was killed.

The Niftar has been identified as Jerome Miller, 83. He was a retired Dean of Communication and College Affairs at Touro College.

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office worked closely with Rabbi Abe Friedman, Rabbi Zvi Gluck of Amudim, and Rabbi Moshe Krupka, Executive Vice President at Touro College on identifying the Niftar – and ensuring proper Kavod Hames.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. BDE. Horrible tragedy, the family should be comforted. Not all situations are generic, but simply put; if an individual can;t properly or responsibly light, maintain, and supervise the fire flame, then please DON’T light. Shabbos, Havdallah, and Channuka candles are a beautiful mitzvah, but are Rabbinic, and should only be practiced responsibly.

  2. BD”E. I knew Dean Miller – he was a very nice man, and was extremely helpful to me when I was putting together one of my first major public speeches. He also helped in locating various ma’marei chazal that were relevant to my topic and that were incorporated into the speech – a nice indication that even one who was advanced in secular knowledge was machshiv and conversant in Torah.

    an Israeli Yid

  3. You are 100% right that when somebody cannot take care of himself properly, should not lite by himself ,the same with other things he should not shower by himself too, he should have somebody from the family help him. But by saying quote : but are rabbinic . you are a total of apikorea there’s no difference for us between a derobonon and a deoiriese. We have the same obligation to both of them. As we Believe kol divrie neveam emes.

  4. BDE, Dean Miller was a highly responsible, intelligent, very kind and caring man. Accidents can befall even the best of us. He helped so many people and his memory should be for a blessing.