WATCH: Mesivta Ohr Yisrael

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Ohr Yisrael, a division of Yeshiva Gedola Ohr Yisrael, (Est. Elul
1999), under the leadership of the Rosh HaYeshiva, Harav Avraham Nesanel
 Zucker, and the Menahel Rabbi Raphael Bernstein, began its 7th year
this past Elul. The Mesivta, located at 2940 Avenue P in Brooklyn, NY,
has gained a well deserved reputation of excellence in both Limudei
Kodesh and secular education. The Mesivta’s staff of talented, vibrant,
and dedicated Rebbeim, inspire their talmidim to shteig in their
learning, to perfect their middos, and grow in their yiras shamayim. For
more information please call (718)382-8702.