WATCH IN FULL: Sholom Rubashkin Marks 1st Anniversary of Release at Massive Event in Boro Park


The Rubashkin family celebrated the one-year anniversary of the great neis of Zos Chanukah 5778 along with their extended family: all of Klal Yisroel.

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s release – a story that was reported first on YWN – commuted by President Donald Trump. It was a simcha felt by all of Klal Yisroel. On the first anniversary of the release, Klal Yisroel will have an opportunity to relive those precious moments at a special event marking that day.

Thousands were expected to join in an evening of joy and inspiration, and the event was streamed live on YWN.

“This miracle wasn’t just a personal yeshuah. It was a reminder to Klal Yisroel about the power of emunah and bitachon,” Sholom Mordechai’s son, Getzel Rubashkin, says. “Ever since his release, gedolim and Jewish leaders around the world have been encouraging my father to dedicate himself to spreading the message of emunah and bitachon, and that is what he has done. ‘Alef, Bais, Gimmel’ has become a household phrase. This event is a moment to loudly and clearly thank Hashem and reaffirm that we got the message – emunah and bitachon will bring geulah.”

The event was to feature a rich program, including a digital presentation and music by Avraham Fried, Avremi G. and the Shira choir. The highlight of the evening was divrei chizuk from Sholom Mordechai, culminating with dancing.

The event, which was free of charge, took place on Sunday Zos Chanuka at The Ulam Hagadol, located at 4217 New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn, with a simultaneous event for women at Gan Yisroel, located at 13 Church Avenue in Brooklyn. Doors opened at 7:30pm and the program began at 8:30pm.

[Open Letter From R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, The “Baal Haness”]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Beautiful party. Just curious do the funds to pay for this “party” come from the legal fund that hundreds have been donating to for years or is there a separate party fund?

  2. Waiting in line just to shake his hand ? We all know the story of the Satmar rov and what he told the jews in Israel when they wanted him to stay. he told them to go to a survivor who has a number on his hand and ask for a Brocha. When was the last time anyone went to someone like that and asked for one. Yes there is a lot to learn from him and his story, but to make him into a rock star and staying up all night dancing , don’t know.

  3. As on a queue, the minute YWN publishes something positive about Rubashkin, the scumbags full of hatred and envy crawl out the the Rubashkin-hating holes.

  4. Look, the event seems intended to be a chizuk emuna for yidden, and a massive hoda’a to HKBH. Why would anyone have a problem with that? So, perhaps it’s a bit glitzier and showier than some of us would like. But, the core message is surely something with which every frum yid can identify. Cut the fellow some slack. We should all be happy for him and his family who have suffered so much.

  5. MoisheInGolus, sorry to disappoint you, buy I seriously doubt most people posting against this whole shebang, hate or are envious of Rubashkin. Nevertheless, it is pretty ridiculous making him into a hero. There were plenty of Jews who were incarcerated and set free and no one celebrated them like this, it feels so shallow. There were Jews thrown into the gulags for teaching Torah and when they were set free and came to the US or Israel, no one celebrated their freedom every year and no one called them “Baal Haness”.

  6. Directed to the first three comments and to the rest of you sad pathetic haters.
    “Stay away from negative people they have problem for every solution”

  7. Hey philosopher, it is not Rubashkin’s fault that “Jews thrown into the gulags for teaching Torah and when they were set free and came to the US or Israel, no one celebrated their freedom every year and no one called them “Baal Haness”. Rubashkin’s freedom celebration did not take away from “Jews who were incarcerated and set free and no one celebrated them like this”. Don’t not blame him. In addition to other faults Runashkin detractors also have no brain.

  8. I was there. Some of the comments here reflect terrible natures of their writers. According to many top legal minds the Rabashkin saga was a terrible travesty of Justice. He is considered by many a hero because of the unbelievable way he handled prison with unfathomable emunah and bitachon. When anti semites raise their ugly banner, regarding Rubashkin or the Jewish peoole, only those with poison in their hearts can echo those views. Sorry but some of the comments are beyond the pale. This response is not to them. They do not deserve a response. It’s for others not to get confused. I was there in the empty freezing warehouse, not glitzy, to remember the Kiddush Hashem of how a man treated to such injustice was suddenly released to the tremendous relief of Torah true Jews of all types. I am a yeshiva type, I joined with Jews of all types, Chasidim, Sefardim, Ashkenazim, Chabad, etc to remember the unbelievable nes that happened just one year ago and to Thank Hashem’ and remind ourselves that he is always with us and that Emunah works!

  9. MoisheInGolus, please point out where I’ve said that I’m blaming Rubashkin that others weren’t as celebrated or called “Baal haanes” when they were released from prison.

    It’s when people start twisting things to defend a person or idea when it starts getting worrisome…

  10. Why doesnt rubashkin show us a נס גדול by paying back all his outstanding debts from when he was in the meat business.
    We all know he can do it. He just has to want to.

  11. philosopher, am not going to start playing games with you of splitting hairs. Use your ‘philosophy’ to figure it out: when you talk about Rubashkin celebration in the same sentence where you complain that other yiden who suffered in the past did not get their deserved recognition you explicitly implying that it was Rubashkin who ‘robed’ them.

  12. Philosopher,
    I wouldnt lose sleep over how “moshe in galus” tends/loves to methodically twist comments which dont sit well with him.
    Its probably not his fault he does that. Blame it on the fact that he is in his own, self made “GALUS” or maybe his mom dropped him one to many times while holding him as a baby.

  13. Tango, you and philosopher 2 of you can tango together in your hate towards fellow yid all you want. Just stop spreading antisemitic lies about ‘stolen’ money by a Jew. You probably mistaken YWN with Der Stürmer.