MUST WATCH – CHANUKAH MIRACLE: This Is Why You Must Have Smoke Alarms & A Fire Extinguisher


This frightening video should serve as a lesson to everyone, to make sure they have working smoke detectors, and have fire extinguishers in their homes.

Watch this frightening video, which almost seems staged – as this New Jersey home shows it was fully prepared for what happened on Sunday night.

Watch as the Menorah catches fire, and begins leaking onto the hardwood floor – as children can be heard on the second floor.

Suddenly, a smoke alarm goes off, and the father can be see barreling down the steps.

He first tries blowing out the flames, but instead runs into his kitchen, grabs a fire extinguisher and easily puts out the fire – saving his home and possibly his family.

After reading this article, RIGHT NOW make sure your smoke alarms are working, and that you have a fire extinguisher in your home. All it takes is two minutes to check, and those two minutes may save your life.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. B”H, they are safe. How did the menorah catch on fire?
    People often leave on Shabbos to eat elsewhere, go to a Shalom zachor, etc. Any safety tips for Shabbos candles?

  2. Wow שומר השם was with him and his quick thinking. Luckily it wasn’t much later in the night.
    I defenitly will go out today to but fire extinguishers.

  3. The use of a fire extinguisher is controversial as most people will err when trying using it in an emergency.
    A fire blanket may be a better option according to some experts.
    A working smoke alarm is certainly a must in every home at every level.

  4. Good reason why you do not leave Hanukkah lights unattended. And if you go out extinguish them and relight when you return. BTW, we always keep a fire extinguisher in the room where candles are burning, even on shabbos

  5. Wow. BH all is well with that family and their home. He was spot on with how quickly, efficiently, and calmly he acted- regardless if it were that Sunday night or Friday night Shabbos, he did the right thing.

  6. atable covered in aluminum foil and cookie sheets under each menorah it keeps it safe ( a plastic table cloth that can blow with the opening of a door?>?<?<?

  7. The Guidelines were changed a few years ago to a smoke and co2 alarm in every bedroom in addition to every level! Every bedroom ! Sleeping with a closed door may not let one hear the beep down the hallway

  8. What an amazing Nes!

    almost as amazing as the nes that occurred with me this morning,
    I was about to cross the street and decided, “wait let me look both ways before crossing”
    amazingly I looked and lo and behold a car was coming.

    now sure, some might say that following elementary safety rules like looking before crossing a street or having smoke detectors isn’t really a nes. but they are kofrim

  9. To laughing: you fo not have to rekindle when you come home. Lights only have to burn for 1/2 hour. These plastic bags on the floor were also not a good idea. Why didn’t he open the front door to let the smoke out. And stop the alarm ? And that crazy tablecloth??

  10. Mommy10 what we do when we are leaving after lighting Friday night is place the candles inside the sink in the kitchen which is all metal. I wonder if that works.

    It’s good the video was posted sometimes we don’t learn until we see.

  11. justme22 – the chanukia is מקצהת how do you move them to the sink after lighting Friday night? And I would think putting them in a kitchen sink is not הידור מצוה.

  12. Wow almost started crying thinking how fast that occurred and what could’ve been c”v.
    What dripped – was it oil or wax candles? It would be good to diagnose that to help create more safety tips because those candles were really dropping large flames ?

  13. Were these normal wicks, fueled with oil oil?
    Judging from the size of the flames, even before the fire started, this looked more like they were fueled with kerosene rather than olive oil.

    Were these, perhaps, “ready-made” kits, made in China, that used something (not olive oil) way too combustible?

    It would help to know which brand this was.

  14. Was talking about the shbs candles using “tea candles “ in rare event of going away Friday night.
    Danger> hidur
    Leave them there afterwards no need to move them