LISTEN TO THE AUDIO: Verizon Refusing To Dispatch Techs To Boro Park DUE TO MEASLES OUTBREAK


Verizon will not be servicing customers in Boro Park, due to the measles outbreak.

According to exclusive audio obtained by YWN, a phone provider in Boro Park spoke with Verizon on Monday morning about why they are cancelling requests for tech support.

Verizon is heard telling the customer that they will be crediting their account for all the time that a technical person will be unable to be dispatched due to the measles outbreak.

“You have no information when you will be sending techs to Boro Park?”, Verizon was asked.

“Not that I am aware of”, the Verizon rep responded.

“The only thing I can do is to reach out to the dispatch center and see if they have a date or know of any information when it may get cleared up”.

YWN notes that the location that a tech person is needed is not a school, but an office in Boro Park.

YWN mentions the school aspect, because last week, the NYC Health Department banned all unvaccinated children from Yeshiva in Boro Park, Williamsburg and parts of Flatbush. Click here to read what zip codes this ban has been placed on.

Just a few days ago, YWN spoke with Dr. Jane R. Zucker, the Assistant Commissioner for the Bureau of Immunization at the NYC Department of Health who said that there are now 39 confirmed cases. All of the cases are in Brooklyn – 15 of them are in Williamsburg, 21 are in Boro Park, 1 in Bensonhurst, 1 in Marine Park.

“Besides for five cases being adults, the rest are all children under the age of five, Dr Zucker told YWN”.

“The vast majority of these cases were unvaccinated, and many of these children could have been vaccinated and this outbreak could have been prevented”.

Dr. Zucker told YWN that they suspect there are many additional cases that have not been properly reported.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. Is there any way to find out how many measles cases were reported in non jewish neighborhoods. I’m sure there are many measles cases by them too.

  2. They are understaffed in Brooklyn. This is a convenient way to deal with the problem, and shift the blame, all while under the guise of “protecting” their workers.

  3. its a mess those days with phone companies.I have the same problem with Optimum but not measles is the excuse they just understaffed and cant service fast enough. the days of relying on internet and IP service is making life and business more complicated. You go to supermarkets and they have NO internet service so they have to write down every customer’s credit card number and wait till service is restored to charge all those customers.
    I signed up for Square which works from my phone so if i go down with internet we can charge by phone

  4. Can u blame them?
    Who wants to be exposed to measles when the papers are reporting high numbers in concentrated areas including bp.
    On top of that , they have to deal with a fairly unknown large group of anti vaxxers.

  5. I don’t blame them. Who wants to be sick? In my view, parents who aren’t giving shots, should not be eligible for health insurance. Especially when the city or state is paying for it.

  6. I’m pretty sure more Verizon workers get hurt in Harlem & Newark then in boro park…. when your understaffed this is a great excuse for not fixing the phone service in boro park where people actually have landlines!!

  7. Lazy people just look for excuses. More people get killed a year in the Bronx then infected by measles in borough park . So why does Verizon service the Bronx??