NY State Police Releases Photos of Lev Tahor Children Missing in Fallsburg


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The New York State Police in Liberty are looking for the public’s assistance in locating two missing teens from Sullivan County.

As reported on YWN, 14-year-old Yante Teller and her 12-year old brother Chaim Teller, were last seen by family early this past Shabbos morning (December 8, 2018) at their home in the town of Fallsburg.

The teens were last seen getting into a vehicle in front of the home at around 3:32AM, and it driving away.

The missing teens are two of the six children in a family that recently escaped from the Lev Tahor cult in Guatemala, following an intense international effort.

As reported on YWN, the children had been spending Shabbos with their family and professional therapists, along other previous Lev Tahor escapees.

The missing girl was kidnapped several weeks ago as well, but was later found and reunited with her mother.

Police report the children are not believed to be in any imminent danger, and are believed to have traveled to New York City.

Anyone with information is asked to call 845-292-6600.

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An alert from Teterboro Airport regarding the missing children

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Lev Tahor operatives in the US beware: You will receive no shelter here.
    We are not your brothers. You are deranged cultists of the worst kind, committing heinous crimes and abuses. The damage you are doing is irreparable. Also, kidnapping is a felony. May you be brought to justice, swiftly and forcefully.

  2. Does anyone know the basis of the Police determinations that “the children are not believed to be in any imminent danger” and that they “are believed to have traveled to New York City.”? Seems more to the story than is being revealed by YWN or to YWN. This is a dangerous cult which has been raided by armed police forces in other jurisdictions yet here “no danger” and they are traveling to New York. Strange

  3. Any particular reason why this wasnt put out on an amber alert?
    Something just isnt right with the way the feds/nys police are treating this story!

  4. supposedly ,there is a copy of a letter that made it thru to the 2 kids any authenticity to the story . also it seems the 14 yr old might be preg. and wants to go back to her husband in guato?

  5. “Is he healthy? Only 4 ft tall and 75 pounds at 12.5 years?”
    They are generally severely underweight and malnourished. They eat almost no protein, very limited vegetables and fruit. They are also frequently punished and have to fast for lengthy periods. It’s almost certain that he is not very healthy.

  6. There are people collecting money for the those who escaped and to help rescue the rest. Please donate on charidy. It’s called “Rescue the Children”

  7. It will be hard to deprogramme them at 14 and 12 so it would not surprise me if they went “willingly”, whatever willingly means when you have been brought up in a group like this.
    I too was surprised at her weight given her height so it certainly suggests she might be pregnant.

  8. If I am reading the story correctly, they willingly got into a car on shabbos, are believed to be in no danger and to have gone to NYC.
    Yes, I would definitely say that there are crucial details of the story not being shared.