WATCH: Member Of Moetzes, HaRav Elya Brudny Describes Threat To Chinuch With NYS Education Policy


As YWN has been reporting, New York State is taking steps towards stricter enforcement of its education requirements on yeshiva elementary schools.

In line with recently released NYS Education Department guidelines, all yeshiva elementary schools must teach a ‘substantially equivalent education’ to public schools, with a minimum of six hours of secular studies daily.

The new regulations leave little flexibility for what yeshiva elementary schools may teach.

In the video below, HaRav Elya Brudny, Rosh Yeshiva of the Mirrer yeshiva in brooklyn, and a Chaver Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, describes the incredible threat to Chinuch posed by New York, as Department of Education announces supervision of yeshiva education.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. 1. Baruch Hashem that HaGaon HaRav Elya Brudny shlit”a has agreed to join the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of the Agudas Yisroel.

    2. Baruch Hashem that the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah has joined with the Satmar Rebbe shlit”a in fighting the New York State Department of Education.

  2. @Joseph – What in the world ate you talking about? Kniow what Satmar has done so far? ZERO. The Rebbe just balbbered away and did nothing.

    Avi Schick has been the attorney fighting this with the Agudah for many months.

    By the way, a big yasher koaach to the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel. He along with Simcha felder are responsible for this travesty. Anyone saying otherwise, clearly has no idea what transpired here. Classic stuff that this Rebbe is now calling for “WAR”.

    What about in his speech where he called on everyone to put aside their differences and be b’achdus….. has he started by first reaching out o his brother?

    Fat chance.

  3. Could satmar be punished for orhanizing public anti israel gatherings in packed colliseums aiding the lustful enemies of 6 million jews! And now he calls for achdus!?

  4. In addition if there oddly is massive measles in kiryas yoel williamsberg and boro park and indeed american born kids talk english with an accent and cant go to a college nor have a valid high school diploma in kiryas yoel did he bring on a gezaira on the rest of us!?

  5. If indeed new york where over a million jews including many tens of thousands of orthodox live and so many are college grads and doctors lawyers judges teachers professors cpas for decades as excellent ny citizens and now the state is forcing us to greatly decrease our religous education while discriminating financial aid wise for secular studies sounds like mass rallies needed every man woman or child or is this to be a new expulsion of jews but from ny state!! Is it because orthodox jews tend to vote republican!?will democrats now also push for limitless migration from south and central america and moslem lands despite national security for more potential votes!!

  6. Those politicians who told the Satmar Rebbe and others that the education of Jewish students would not be tampered with should be sued for breach of contract.
    The Constitution does not say that students need a secular education. It guarantees religious rights.

  7. In the decision Yoder v. Wisconsin the US Supreme Court ruled that religious parents have the constitutional right to completely end all secular studies after eighth grade.

  8. I am waiting anxiously to hear from the US rabbonim (הקטנים עם הגדולים) why these terrible גזירות are happening to NYS Yidden. Once they inform the tzibbur, necessary steps can be taken to do תשובה and things will return to normal.
    Has anyone thought of the option of closing all the NYS Yeshivos in protest (sort of like Volozhin 1892) and reopening them in NJ or CT?
    Another option is that we ship you a few thousand Peleg students (who are not doing anything here anyway) and you can unleash them against the authorities.

  9. Same old lines. The borei olam enjoys when his nation is b’achdus. In fact, these very people just finished feasting an entire weekend over the concept of achdus. So let’s go. Show us that you mean what you preach. Why not organize a rally of 50,000 Jews to assemble on Ocean Parkway to protest this unprecedented move by the Albany reshaim? Where is the Agudah when you need them?

  10. A few years ago degel hatorah representative Moshe Gafni spoke at the Degel convention saying how there is a terrible gezeirah of chinuch by the mechoz hachareidy in the misrad hachinuch in eretz yisrael he testified that preschool morah are being ordered to take down posters about brias haolam from the walls of their gans Many gedolim (I won’t mention who lest the hatred of amei haaretz to Talmidei Chachamim be aroused) spoke about the gravity of the gezeirah in eretz yisroel and called upon American Jewry to help fight it by starting schools that don’t take money from the misrad hachinuch maybe as part of our Teshuvah we should be doing more for them.