Los Angeles-Area Freeway Named For Barack Obama


Signs have gone up naming a section of a Los Angeles-area freeway as the President Barack H. Obama Highway.

The signs posted Thursday on State Route 134 apply to a stretch running from State Route 2 in Glendale, through the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles to Interstate 210 in Pasadena.

The former president attended Occidental College in Eagle Rock from 1979 to 1981 and lived in Pasadena.

The designation was authorized in 2017 when the Legislature signed off on a resolution introduced by state Sen. Anthony J. Portantino, a Democrat whose district includes the area.



  1. With that name change, that stretch of road will be a new Bermuda Triangle. Its namesake was a disaster. Why should that freeway be any different?

  2. Here in LA,being that our freeways are usualy a source of delay and frustration, we prefer to name them after bad things like diseases and tragedy.

  3. arizona, the old “Bermuda Triangle” was a myth. I don’t know whether Charles Berlitz personally invented it, but without him nobody would ever have heard about it. Note that since the advent of sattelite-based weather reports and GPS, there have been no more disappearances. That tells you what was responsible for the previous ones.