MORE HATE IN CROWN HEIGHTS: Jewish Man Punched In The Face on Kingston Ave [VIDEO]


A Jewish man was assaulted in the third unprovoked incident in Crown Heights in just two weeks.

According to the NYPD, the assault occurred around on Wednesday morning at 8:00AM on Kingston Avenue near Union Street. The suspect, described as a black male, punched the Jewish man in his chest without any provocation, before fleeing the scene.

The man was not seriously injured, and the NYPD’s Hate Crimes task Force is investigating.

On Saturday night Jan 12th, a 19 Jewish man was assaulted by a group of teenagers as he walked on Empire Boulevard. The 19 year old man told police he was walking past the laundromat at 829 Empire Boulevard near Schenectady Avenue at approximately 9:00 pm, when he passed a group of African American males.

One of the group approached the victim and asked him, “Do you want to fight?”

The teenager then began to punch the victim in the face and knocked him to the ground.

The victim was transported to the hospital with minor injuries to his face and head.

On Thursday Jan 3rd, a woman was punched in the face in an unprovoked assault. The woman was left stunned, and transported to the hospital with minor facial injuries. The assault happened around 3:00pm on Crown Street, between Troy and Schenectady Ave.

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman, President of the Jewish Future Alliance told YWN “We condemn these cowardly attacks on innocent civilians, but instead of hosting another press conference and focusing on whether the word “hate crime” should be attached to these attacks, we ask what is going wrong with Crown Heights that innocents are beaten in the streets? Is there someone preaching hate? Is there an atmosphere that is encouraging violence or anti-semitism?! And most importantly, what educational initiatives can we launch in the schools to address the issues of violence and hate?”

There were several hate crimes reported in Crown Heights at the end of 2018:

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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