SOMETHING STINKS AT AA: Jewish Family Kicked Off American Airlines Flight Due to Complaint About “Body Odor”

The Adlers attempt to board another American Airlines flight Thursday morning at Miami International Airport.

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An Orthodox Jewish family vacationing in Miami claims American Airlines kicked them off their flight due to complaints about their body odor, Local10 News reported.

“There’s no body odor that we have,” Yossi Adler said Thursday morning at Miami International Airport. “There’s nothing wrong with us.”

Adler, his wife and their 19-month-old daughter were preparing to fly back home to Detroit on Wednesday night when they were escorted off their American Airlines flight.

“All of a sudden, as soon as they took us off, they closed the gate and then they said, ‘Sorry, sir, some people complained you had body odor and we’re not letting you back on,'” Adler recalled.

The Adlers said they were told their luggage would be taken off the plane, but that didn’t happen, leaving them with only the clothes on their backs.

“They have our car seat, stroller, everything,” Jennie Adler said.

American Airlines sent a statement to Local 10 on Wednesday night acknowledging the reason for their removal.

“Mr. Adler and his wife were removed from the flight when several passengers complained about their body odor,” the statement said. “They have been booked into a hotel for the night and given meal vouchers. They have been rebooked on a flight Thursday.”

The Adlers returned to Miami International Airport early Thursday in hopes they would be able to fly home.

“We stopped several people in the airport and, it’s embarrassing, but we asked them, ‘Do you think we smell? Because we just got kicked off a plane for smelling,” Jennie Adler said.

Yossi Adler said he’s frustrated and wants to know the real reason they were forced off the plane.

“I want them to own up to what really happened and to tell me the truth,” he said. “What was it?”

The Adlers later sent a text message acknowledging that they took off back to Detroit. They said they’re hopeful they can find their luggage when they get there.

(Source: local10)


  1. I have seen this happen several times on commercial flights in the past several years, but in each of those cases, it wasn’t apparent that frum yidden were the targets. Its unfortunate but some people, both yidden and goyim, don’t seem to focus on their personal hygiene and it has dire consequences for those around them. The problem has been exacerbated by the airlines who stopped serving food with the result that passengers are bringing all sorts of foul smelling meals on board with them. In this case, there is no evidence of anti-antisemitism; no anti-Jewish slurs were quoted….just some poishete yidden who need to shower more frequently.

  2. I bet the person who occupied thier seats before them had the odor issue. I heard of a story recently of s dog who was allowed on the plane. Turned out the dog did a #2 job on the seat but the crew never cleaned up after it.

  3. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!! This is blatant anti semitism and and the airlines abusing the power of their discretion to kick people off a plane for no reason at all. As a frum person flying you will always be at risk of being targeted and kicked off for a whole slew of stupid reasons. United does it. Jet Blue does it. AA does it. And other airlines will follow suit. We NEED to band together and come with one voice and push back on this.

  4. @Gadolhadorah
    “just some poishete yidden who need to shower more frequently.”

    Why in the world would you side with a stranger’s claim verses a verified person that actually came out publicaly with his real name???

    You almost always take the other side.

    Make a cheshbon hanefesh or maybe state your name publicaly for us to decide your higene before you shame someone like that.

  5. Need to hear from the passengers that complained, if there were any such passengers, what was their nationality, anti-semitic tendencies, or if the airline needed to bump someone.

  6. Marijuana is legal in FL…time to get used to the stink on the plane…and everywhere

    that being said it sounds like this is Ve’hu She’umdah Version 2019…

    we thought the world was tolerant of the Jews & people got more civilized..tee hee!

  7. if they feel there were anti semitic leanings the way the passengers complained about them and aa acted with them thats one thing. we were not present in the story to pick up crew and passengers body language ,tone of voice etc. but it doesnt sound the way the couple complained publicly to channel 10 that they picked up sentiments of people being antaganostic toward their religion or ethnicity. if they feel like that way then they should emphasize that, but their clearly not SO WHY THE HECK ARE THEY COMPLAINING to the public? cant people learn to be classy and shtill low key?? what is with these new age american style lakewood / detroit cleveland baltimore and Chicago people can they act just a little more balebatish? just a little??

  8. I know this Family Personally. I can all but Guarantee that this family did not have a body odor! I hope they sue american airlines and let AA learn a lesson!

  9. How many times have we all gotten onto a plane and smelled the person who sat in that seat before us? I know I have!

    what about when we sit down in the seat and realize in mid-flight, that we have bubble gum in our pants because some idiot stuck their bubble gum under the armrest and the cleaning crew didn’t bother removing it?

    What about the times when somebody pukes and the airline doesn’t bother getting it cleaned out really really really well, so you’re sitting on a flight that smells from puke for many hours?

    I hope the airline comes through with VERY appropriate compensation, and I don’t mean a free flight or two.

  10. Did he or she or the baby maybe have a bad stomach.
    Its not unheard of. Besides a person generally doesnt pickup thier own smell as people next to them would.
    I have a different. How did the airline run their stink test?
    Do yhey have a “gas ” meter on board for these types of situations or is there an Android app that they downloaded which performs a stink test?

  11. Did anyone stop to think that perhaps the toddler had a dirty diaper, something that is perfectly normal for this age group and can quickly be corrected with a quick change. No need to throw people off a plane!!

  12. KatanHadorah; Besides your hideous comment, what’s up with the bizarre spelling of pashute/poshute? Nobody spells it with an i! That just makes you look even more ridiculous.

  13. I think to be cautious we should neither assume anti-Semitism or BO without all the facts. It seems strange that any Joe Shmo could just say they think somebody smells bad and that would cause the passengers to immediately be kicked off the flight. It could be that the flight was overbooked and they were looking for a convenient excuse. Regardless of whether there was antisemitism, the airline deserves to be dragged through the mud for flying the people’s luggage away from them and leaving them stranded.
    I’m wary of assuming antisemitism given the last time there was that letter on YWN about a Jewish couple missing a flight and screaming antisemitism where it turned out it was clearly their fault.

  14. I rarely EVER take the time to comment on here but will make an exception for this one.

    Maybe someone can tell me differently but has Gadolhadorah ever even ONCE taken the Yids side in any of these stories he comments on?

    Or on other stories about Jews, how many times has he ripped the frumma for one thing or another?

    Really disgusting.

    If your Jewish then your just another self hating Jew.

    Why you spend the time commenting on YWN is beyond anyone. Your not convincing anyone to hange their views……

  15. People have to stop screaming antisemitism for everything. Was antisemitism the reason that United dragged that doctor off the plane? Was it antisemitism when a frum woman traveling basic Economy ( holding a boarding pass saying group C ) was caught trying to cut the line and board with the Economy Plus ( where I was) passengers? Sometimes the airline is wrong and sometimes the passenger is and sometimes it is antisemitism. But not all the time.

  16. Rebs.
    I cant comment on thiis particular case but the mere fact that you dislike someones opinion to the degree that you can call them a self hating jew without knowing them in the slightest way is simply an indication that you belong the large group of cover ups in our frum community.

  17. often people who smell don’t believe they do. It seems to be that a few people including crew complained about smell , i find it hard to believe that amtisemites could so easily find randomly other antisemites to also say the same made up story. Is there one witness to corraborate that they in fact did not smell ? At end of day is hard to know either way , smells can’t be recorded yet. It could have been smell of food , diaper , ocean it’s is fishy that no one says what the smell was like

  18. they randomly asked strangers at airport to ask them , what would you say if a smelly family of strangers asks you that and you thought they smelled ?

  19. This was a flight to Detroit. Who might the other passengers be that decided that it was fun and entertaining to harass and inconvenience an obviously Jewish family?

  20. My point was these types of incidents are not all that infrequent and happen to goyim as well. On a flight from Miami, one would assume there would have been other yidden on the plane who would have spoken up had there been any overt anti-semitic comments by other passengers or Staff. None came forward nor does t Nor does the article provide any evidence of such anti-semitic behavior other than the suspicions of the family that there was an anti-semitic component to the other passengers’ complaint. I’m, all for pushing back hard when there is a legitimate basis for asserting anti-semitism but here there is none provided. I travel frequently and wish ALL passengers would focus on the fact that they will be strapped in within inches of other travelers for several hours or longer and should plan accordingly.

  21. I know these people personally. I don’t believe for a second that they had any body odor. They are normal clean people who shower daily. Anyone that knows them will tell you the same..

  22. I hope they sue the airline’s pant off!!!! If it would have happened to me, I don’t know how I’d handle it. The hassle, the pain and anguish, the utter shame,disgrace and public humiliation. I don’t know. I shudder…. Let them sue for every last penny…

    And contrary to you, ‘justme22’, the onus of proof is on the airline, passengers, not those unlucky ones singles out, removed and left stranded. NO – They don’t have to prove they were odorless – it’s the others who have to prove they smelled ‘those filthy Jews’.

    I can almost bet it was an airline personnel passing by a group of friendly goyim while hearing them make comments about that family… Oops.. did you say ‘smell’? OK hold it, I’ll get my superiors…. (tbt I hate all of them just as much as you all… I get my opportunity now).. Let me watch in glee how my super deals with those filthy,,,

  23. Now if this was a black family we were talking about…………. you know what a ruckus that would cause! If Obama was still President; he’d already have had a press conference to address the terrible racism involved. In fact; I’m not even allowed to be calling them blacks, that too is racist. But….it was not an African-American, it was a Jew, so all will be quickly forgotten.
    Btw; I too can say- the Adlers are regular clean people. I don’t believe for a millisecond that they smelled at all. I fly on planes and had to put up with a huge barking dog a few seats over on an AA flight but this family got thrown off?! Idk what it is, but it’s not good business practice.

  24. Probably some passengers feared the baby would be crying too much on the flight and they invented an excuse.

    The lesson from this story is: not to follow the stewardess instruction to disembark before take-off without solid explanation!

  25. This is becoming all to often religious Jews bring denied their paid for flights It’s the stewardess that causing the problem
    Get a good lawyer time to teach them a listen

  26. I thought that security regulations (out of concern for possible terrorist plot) require all luggage from passengers that are not on the flight to be removed.

  27. I am guessing that they didn’t have body odor, that there was an odor and they just chose the wrong people because they were standing at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is possible for a Jew to be accused falsely of something without it being because of his or her religion.

  28. The normal thing for AA to have done was to do a smell test. If 3 agents of AA felt it was a valid complaint then others could also have thought so. If it was just a way to get them off the flight for being Jewish and the complaint made was not substantiated, then the one that complained should have been kicked off the flight.
    It was once done with a person came on board with a service animal. A passenger complained that they are allergic to pets. They removed the complaining passenger, as the wouldn’t fly with her on a flight with an animal. She claimed it was a fictitious comment. The airline wouldn’t let her fly with an animal on board, unless she has a doctors note confirming she is not allergic to pets!!!
    If the remark was made out of hate, those who made it should have been removed and made to take a later flight without hotels and food vouchers!

  29. Mommy10 has the right idea. Until we hear from the other passengers about what really happened, we all don’t know. The fact that they were tricked off the plane doesn’t bolster the airlines case though. But mommy 10 is correct, when you’re publicly humiliated it’s a sign from hkbh to give brachos out. Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro has an amazing story on this topic. Be’shas ma’aseh (especially since Reb Adler seems genuinely bewildered) you have to be mekabel that it’s from hkbh and how he wants you to react. You don’t have to roll over and die, but you’d has to defend himself, but we have a mesorah that tells us what to do in these situations.

  30. The lesson from this story is: not to follow the stewardess instruction to disembark before take-off without solid explanation!

    You don’t get a choice. If you refuse to obey the crew’s orders the police will come and arrest you, and if necessary drag you off.

  31. Milhouse is correct. The captain of an airplane is roughly equivalent to a captain to a ship-at-sea and his decisions as to whether to allow certain passengers to fly or not to fly is generally the last word. On more than one occasion, I’ve been asked to get off a flight after boarding because some VIP shows up and needs a seat or they have to lighten the passenger loading because of fuel restrictions and I’ve felt that the decision as to whom gets pulled off is arbitrary. However, I’ve learned to simply follow the instructions rather than get put on some “troublemaker list” which might complicate my status on future flights. Also, in this new world of airline rules, even frequent flyers are not immune to seemingly arbitrary denied boarding decisions even though the FAA has imposed some restrictions on removing you from a flight after boarding.

  32. Shame on every commenter who was not dan lekuf zchus the couple only defended goyim who have a track record of hating us, lying about us, persecuting us, envying us.

    I’m not saying that some Jews don’t need lessons in derech eretz and social skills. But in the 21st century it is very rare for Jews not to have personal hygeine. I firmly believe that if there was a smell on the plane this couple was singled out and accused because they were Jews.

  33. Think about it….
    they “smelled” so they were thrown off the plane and sent Off The next morning… with no change of clothes no toiletries no deodorant. So the next day (tho showered) AA didnt think they smelled the next day wearing the same clothes and no deodorant??? While I believe AA has the right to take offensive people off the plane so as not to bother other passengers, I also believe the only really reason the Adlers were offensive in their eyes is because they are obvious religious Jews.

  34. Try this next time you fly with this airline.get a bunch of people to complain to the pilot that a certain steward or stewardess stinks and lets how that goes down!

  35. Sane1
    January 25, 2019 12:24 pm at 12:24 pm

    Think about it….
    they “smelled” so they were thrown off the plane and sent Off The next morning… with no change of clothes no toiletries no deodorant. So the next day (tho showered) AA didnt think they smelled the next day wearing the same clothes and no deodorant??? While I believe AA has the right to take offensive people off the plane so as not to bother other passengers, I also believe the only really reason the Adlers were offensive in their eyes is because they are obvious religious Jews.
    Im just playing devils advocate.
    How do u know they didnt out and buy a set of underwear and deodorant.
    We aren’t living in a 3rd world country

  36. We all have BO. To begin some of us sometimes go a little heavy on the Axe and let me say that too much deoderant and hot weather can create a very disgusting aroma. There are better choices out there just saying.

    We all have BO and we have a difficult time dealing with the way others smell. None of these people smell bad it’s just that we are not used to it. Jews have one smell, Blacks another, Indians another, Muslims another and Russians yet another.

    Usually we are what we eat and smell like what we eat. That being the case an Indian guy eats curry and smells like curry. A Chinese person eats fried rice and smells like fried rice. A Dutch dude eats cheese and smells like yep you guessed it cheese. They also have crazy height from all the healthy dairy products they consume. A Jewish man eats chulent (every day) herring, chalupshas, grape leaves, babka, fish sticks, mishka and croutons so he smells from all those foods and more. An African American eats hashbrowns, French fries and chicken wings so they smell like those food items. An Australian gentleman eats licorice and kangaroo so smells like jumpy anise. A chap from Britain eats caviar and smells like caviar (what do they eat there?) A man from Canada eats maple syrup all day so he smells like maple syrup, A Mexican eats tortillas and papaya and smells from those food items. A Middle Eastern sojourner eats falafel, Shish Kebab, dark coffee so that’s how they smell, A guy from Turkey drinks black coffee and smells like black coffee. A Russian guy eats Beets and kasha and vodka and that is the smell they produce, a Swiss guy eats chocolate and smells like chocolate, A guy in the Antarctica like fish, A guy in Italy like pizza, in Ukraine like bread, an American family reeks from burgers and organic raspberries, so ok you get it. We all smell. Everyone on that plane smells.

  37. Sane, I’m not saying the smelled , but they were given a hotel room (hotels have showers) so it would have been safe to assume that if they were thrown out because of a real smell they could have showered. The jewishnes on the other hand doesn’t come off and they were allowed back in. No one not in that flight will ever know what really happened.
    It’s true that if it was blacks or certain other minorities even if they smelled no one would have kicked them off

  38. I worked with a man who was sent home from work because of his odor. He seemed clean (hair, teeth, clothes), but there was a smell from him. Sometimes people emit a body odor from either their diets or genetics.

    My own mother has a strange smelling house, and no matter how much she cleans, she can’t get rid of it. She puts her bag on my couch, the couch smells like her house. She brought me wrapped candy that tasted like her house.

    So often these things are anti-semitism, but let’s not spread more hatred unless we know for sure.

  39. If there was no element of antisemitism, then why’d they kick off the whole family? They couldn’t tell exactly which one smelled, but they knew for sure it was one of them (and not someone from the next row -or seat if they only took two)? They knew FOR SURE it was one of them but couldn’t even figure out which one? Riiight.

  40. This story, while crazy, does not surprise me in the slightest. If this were a black family, there would be country-wide rioting, and American Airlines would not see the light of day again.

  41. I think that smell sensor’s should be installed on every seat, including the pilots cabin,steward seats and bathrooms,with lights indication over the seats so that person can be dealt with.

  42. I will ‘don these frum people lekaf zechus’- anyone ever heard of that? They did not smell! This is a VERY dangerous precedent. Any anti semite can now claim that religious Jews smell and have them removed from an airplane- or who knows what else….

    The video of that bald guy with the moustache feigning the bad smell shows it was just antisemitisim. “You said for religious reasons you don’t shower?” What a STINKING liar!
    Halochoh -Esov soneih LeYaakov, alive and kicking in the USA…..

  43. Big A and Takes 2, I’m sitting in public and reading your comments causing me to laugh hysterically. People around me think I’m crazy. Big A, you must really be bored

  44. Some of you really need to grow up. The world is not out to get Jews. Anti semitism is not growing massively. You are not persecuted for no reason. This family had BO. Just because they are Jewish doesn’t mean they don’t have BO. Doesn’t mean saying they do have BO makes you an antisemitic nazi . Keep your racist, bigoted hatred to yourselves.

  45. I’m sorry but the allegation of antisemitism here just defies basic common sense and logic. Have you ever been on an American flight? Every kind of person under the sun is on every flight and the idea that anti-semitic staff and passengers could so quickly find each other and collude in concocting a story in order to boot a jewish family due to intractable racist sentiment is just absurd. What would that even look like? Get real. Airlines are businesses that just want to collect as much money as possible, cramming as many people together as possible, while avoiding as many delays as possible. The fact that AA offered free hotel and meal vouchers as well as booking them on the next day’s flight seems to indicate the most likely explanation here: these people STUNK. And fellow passengers complained. I’ve seen a trio of twenty-something men escorted off a plane for a similar reason years ago. Occam’s razor, people. Those who think this couple’s story is at all plausible need to sincerely ask themselves why they need this ludicrous anti-semitic narrative to be true SOO badly.