911 Dispatcher Helps Boy With His Fractions Homework


Police dispatchers are trained to deal with a number of situations, and a dispatcher in Indiana had to know her numbers when a boy called 911 seeking help with his homework.

Lafayette Police dispatcher Antonia Bundy answered the call from the boy, who said he had “a bad day at school.” It seemed the boy had “tons of homework” before the dispatcher narrowed down that he was having trouble with fractions.

An audio recording of the call posted on Twitter shows how the dispatcher helped the child solve the equation: three-fourths plus one-fourth. She had him take out a piece of paper to figure out the answer: one.

The boy thanked the dispatcher and apologized for calling 911.

Police say they don’t recommend calling 911 for homework help.



  1. This sounds like it took a lot of time. Intentionally blocking an emergency line is illegal. I think the dispatcher should be fired and fined (or whatever they do to any member of the public who intentionally calls 911 for a prank).