TEHILLIM – Skulener Rebbe Placed On Respirator On Sunday Morning


The condition of the Skulener Rebbe has turned critical. On Sunday morning, doctors made the decision to place the Rebbe on a respirator.

As YWN had reported, the blood pressure of the Rebbe suddenly dropped to critical levels on Shabbos, causing family members overseas to be called to his bedside. Doctors at John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore where the Rebbe has been hospitalized for two weeks were able to stabilize his condition – but on Sunday morning made the decision about the respiratory.

The Rebbe, who is around 95-years-old, has been suffering from an infection in his lungs for the past few months, and has been in and out of hospitals in New York.

Family members told YWN that the Rebbe needs “Rachmei Shomayim”, and are calling on Klal Yisroel to please be Mispallel for Yisrael Avraham ben Shaina Rochel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. A refuah shelamah. One of the few remaining gadolim from the Alte heim. Surprising they would move him from NYC hospitals to Hopkins, not that the latter isn’t a world class facility.