BORO PARK INSANITY: Driver Takes Sidewalk as Children Exit Bus Into Yeshiva [FULL VIDEO]



That is the only word that comes to mind when watching the attached footage.

Security cameras captured the shocking images on Wednesday morning, as a driver unwilling to wait two minutes for a school bus to unload children at the Vishnitz Cheder on 53rd Street in Boro Park, decided to take the sidewalk instead.

Watch as this driver inches forward as the children cross the sidewalk, then speeds away from the scene before more children could pass.

The stunned look on the Cheder Rebbe’s face says it all.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. He did a terrible and crazy thing but our drivers are wrong too!
    The whole idea why there is a no parking zone next to schools at school days is for That reason , to drop of children and drive off !
    And what our schools do is they use it for a parking for there busses and than double park to drop of there children causing to block off the entire street from other vehicles to pass making terrible traffic for the entire neighborhood!
    Not saying that this dude did a normal thug however they (the school Busses) are making chaos on our streets and that needs to be addressed as well .

  2. seeing is believing, had i not seen it, i wouldnt believe this happened. someone is ADHD..DDDDD and should be on medication!!!
    or his license revoked. i hope they are able to get the plates off the video feed and go after him as this is really over the top

  3. at 1:07 in the video you can see there is a parking spot where this bus could’ve pulled over not to block traffic…..or if he wants t drop off the kids “by the door” the other buses could’ve backed up and he would park in the front…the driver of the blue car is NOT right and is NOT allowed to drive on the sidewalk endangering children but please lets look at the full picture…….

  4. Show this to the police and I would assume they can zoom in, with their sophisticated equipment, and get the plate number. I hope he gets his due punishment.

  5. This chazar needs to be caught and punished.
    Nebech we have such Yidden in our midst who would without a care put
    our most prized possession’s in such jeopardy.

  6. Now I’ve seen it all! I do hope they can get his license #. There was a malach watching over that little cutey who was so close to the car and nearly tripped over his knapsack.

  7. That drivers’ license should be revoked!! What a disgraceful and dangerous thing to do. Almost ran over some of the children!! On the sidewalk no less!!

  8. “The whole idea why there is a no parking zone next to schools at school days is for That reason , to drop of children and drive off !
    And what our schools do is they use it for a parking for there busses and than double park to drop of there children causing to block off the entire street from other vehicles to pass making terrible traffic for the entire neighborhood!”

    FYI this would not help anything, as one is not allowed to pass the Flashing Red lights, which unfortunately is also being violated in greater frequency than this blatant violation.
    For the safety of the kids it is beneficial for the bus not to pull over but block the street….

    לא תעמוד על דם רעך!!

  9. For those of you blaming the yeshiva for blocking traffic while unloading the busses, remember that the red lights would be on any way, so traffic would have to stop and wait for the children to disembark and safely enter the building.

  10. This driver should be arrested, charged with reckless endagerment of a child, and should have his license permanently revoked. Maybe the bus driver could have pulled over, maybe he was wrong. But driving on the side walk in front of a school isnt something that a sane person would ever do. This idiot nearly hit several children and must never be allowed to drive a car again.

  11. Terrible no it’s illegal why didn’t Yeshiva report itvyo police
    And for the fool about a space. In nys buses are required to block traffic until all children are safely on street

  12. I am able to read the plate number almost entirely. I’m not sure about one letter. I’m pretty sure authorities are going to nail this guy. He’s in serious trouble, if I was him I would hire an attorney…

  13. Ari111,

    According to NYC law school buses must turn on their flashing red lights when discharging children, regardless of how close they are to the curb.

    Stop peddling nonsense.

  14. The driver definitely deserves a severe punishment/penalty, yet I’d like to know why the Rebbe wasn’t more outraged? This car came a few feet away from hitting, r’l, a very small child!!! Why didn’t the Rebbe bang on the car, or stand in front of it???? Sadly, my sense is that he was surprised by such driving, yet not shocked/outraged enough by it to do something about it.
    Once our teachers/Rebbeim start “accepting” such driving behavior, they send a quiet message that such driving is “acceptable” (even if it is extremely dangerous).

  15. We shouldn’t judge the driver. maybe there was a medical emergency or Chas Vesholom someone was very sick and they were rushing to see them.Or maybe he had to go to the bathroom and couldnt hold it in. Or Diabetes medication or something like that.In any case the buses in the Chassidishe neighborhoods cause a lot of stress because of blocked roads.why isn’t the time of the ordinary citizen taken into account.Now there will be screaming and shouting to the precinct,then dont get surprised when they start heavy enforcement. The schools have to stop acting like they own the streets because of the innocent children. The evil adults are the problem. Now if the person did it because he was late to lunch then get the plate and prosecute them.

  16. This guy is a psycho , but………. bus drivers are very selfish!!!!
    Why can’t you park instead of always blocking all streets?
    Why do the bus drivers think that they can cut off other drivers just because they have bigger vehicles?
    This guy is shushu but bus drivers are plenty guilty as well.

  17. @n977ll

    It is very kind of you to be so positive however NY State law requires ALL EMERGENCY VEHICLES to stop at a school bus no matter the emergency. If this person had a major emergency there are others ways of dealing with it without putting children’s lives at risk.

  18. @gopupago as many have already pointed out, even if the bus driver did as you asked and parked by the curb he would still be required by law to turn on the stop sign and it would be illegal for cars to pass until all of the kids get off the bus.
    I live near a large yeshiva. I know how frustrating it can be when you are stuck behind a school bus. But what this driver did is inexcusable, idiotic, and dangerous and he should pay a steep price for his stupidity and recklessness.

  19. Halachically, the Rebbe could have taken a gun and shot the driver. The driver is the very definition of a rodef. He should rot in jail for life. I cannot believe certain commenters are defending the driver, who is no different than Isis.

  20. yakamo- while it’s true that even emergency vehicles have to wait for school busses and it’s true that he shouldn’t have done what he did if it was indeed a medical emergency an ambulance is far better equipped to deal with that than a general passenger vehicle.

  21. To those complaining about the bus driver not parking to let cars by:
    Isn’t it the law that when a school bus make a stop in a street without median, vehicles traveling in both directions need to stop until bus is done dropping the children and pulls in the stop sign? That’s the law in several states in the south. I couldn’t imagine how Will be different in New York being such a progressive state.

  22. as far as the flashing lights it is an accepted and LOGICAL practice that you DONT leave your flashers on when u at the curb
    pls explain why should the whole coney island ave stop if your kids are getting off at the curb ( explain the logic not the code)

  23. @Fat36: The Rebbe should not have paid attention to the car more than getting the children out of the way. He also had to make sure the children coming out of the street would be safe. It would not have been correct for him to have started up with the car or to have written down the license plate bc that would make him lose focus from protecting the children.

  24. To all complainers on the buses:
    So you want your own child to be picked up in front of you house? You want your child to have a normal driver? You don’t want the buses to be parked in front of your house? You want your child to get to his/her school safe? You want your child to get in school on time not to loose from his study?
    Here are the answers:
    In order to pick up in front of your house other cars will be in traffic. In order to have a normal driver you cant abuse him. In order for him not to park in front of your house he is permitted to layover in front of his school or commercial area. In order for YOU to be assure your child arrives safety double check that he has his red flashers on AT ALL TIMES being a bus driver I learned on my own that it’s very important, if your child is staying by one of your siblings cause you went on vacation and you know the bus passes that street so he/she can get on the bus but the bus only stops for the right side, but your child is staying on the left side, the lights are off and your child is running to the bus without the driver knowing, a car is coming from the left side without thinking a child is running to the bus and hey! NO RED FLASHERS what happens? In order for your child to get on time to school he cant always make room for you to pass cause he is loosing time and all drivers know that loosing 1 minute can cause loosing 20 minutes.
    Please be considerate! The drivers are having a very hard time with all the traffic and all the situations on the streets to get your child to the destination quick and safe, instead of harassing them support them.

  25. why do people always feel a need to blame the victim
    whether its the bus driver or the rebbi
    im surprised no one blamed the children
    to Meir G ask NYS legislators
    to Chaim 24 How do you know?
    to Rebyidd23 whats the answer?

  26. @gamanit- you are right assuming there is a patient in the vehicle, however the law also applies when the emergency vehicle is on the way to the person who needs help…