APPALLING: NYPD Tows Hatzolah Paramedic Vehicle While Treating Cardiac Patient [SEE THE VIDEO]


A Hatzolah Paramedic’s vehicle was towed while he was treating a cardiac patient in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon. This comes just four weeks after a Hatzolah ambulance was issued a parking ticket, also in Manhattan.

The incident happened in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at around 1:00PM, as Hatzolah was inside the Manhattan Day School at 310 West 75 Street – responding to a cardiac-related call. The vehicle belongs to a Paramedic, who happens to be a Doctor as well. Additionally, the vehicle had a NYC DOT permit displayed, as well as a Hatzolah window plaque along with a NYS Department of Health sticker, which authorizes the vehicle as an emergency ambulance response vehicle.

According to eyewitnesses on the scene, the tow truck arrived on the scene, and began hooking up the tow to the vehicle. Hatzolah members – including a Coordinator – tried explaining to the NYPD Tow Truck Operator that this was a cardiac call, and the vehicle was legally allowed to be double parked. An NYPD Supervisor (Sergeant) responded, and authorized the vehicle to be towed – while it’s lights were still flashing.

A second Hatzolah vehicle was also issued a ticket for double-parking at the same call.

UPDATE – 3:00PM: YWN has learned the towed vehicle was released without payment.

Chevra Hatzalah in New York has nearly two thousand volunteer EMTs and paramedics who answer more than 70,000 calls each year with private vehicles and a fleet of more than 90 ambulances.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Looks like we need to start protesting!!!
    I don’t have any questions on this low life traffic jerk, I just don’t understand the supervisor, how sad that we trust such idiots to be supervisors for our police force.

  2. Cardiac arrest is a serious problem, but Double parking in Manhattan does block the street and can block other emergency vehicles from going through.

  3. there should be a course for common sense. I live in a commercial area in Brooklyn. I have seen traffic agents who would knock on the window of a car and tell them to move along and I also saw where the agent hides behind a car and if you stop to drop off a passenger they’ll ticket you even if you’re not blocking traffic.

  4. These officers must feel that these activities are more important than the crime fighting they need to do. This is quite consistent with the DiBlasio environment. The disciplinary action needed is to do their real jobs. Not to try doing foolish things like this. I suspect that these officers have it in for Hatzoloh, and are simply being revengeful. That’s sad.

  5. Can’t believe it. It had not only a Hatzalah placard but also placards from DOH, DOT and VAS. This should have made very clear he has parking privileges (single, double and in any zones) anywhere in Manhattan.

  6. Many policemen believe what certain blogs write that Hatzolah is not real ems, the ambulances transport diamonds, calls are not real. Many heaters spread such rumors and some buy into it and wanna show they are not afraid of the Jewish community.

  7. In Lakewood a cop ticketed a Hatzolah member on the way to a call, a week later he was shot in the face while serving a warrant and lost an eye. there “is” accountability

  8. These donut eaters are there for one purpose and one purpose only: to bring in revenue for the corrupt city coffers. This has NOTHING to do with safety. How can we tax the hardworking citizens to death? I agree. The stink starts from the top.

  9. ZD,

    Cardiac arrest is a serious problem? That’s what you call it? It is an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. Life is actually hanging in balance.

    If there were a fire and fire trucks were blocking the street, should they be towed? According to you yes. Just think what type of silly comment you just wrote.

  10. “Cardiac arrest is a serious problem, but Double parking in Manhattan does block the street and can block other emergency vehicles from going through.”
    Oh, please! He was treating someone who was in cardiac arrest! Would you condemn a firetruck or ambulance for double parking while doing their job because it blocks the way for other emergency vehicles?! These guys aren’t and shouldn’t be obliged to circle the block to look for an open parking spot. Every second counts. Someone’s life is at stake.

  11. If your house was on fire and the fire trucks could not pass because a Hatzolah guy was blocking the street, you would not be happy

    Saving one life to possibly damage another is not a good plan

    I didnt say they should park legally, they are illegal parking spaces that dont block trafffic like a Hydrant or other no parking or no standing zones (Like in front of a hotel)

  12. ZD, I don’t understand you

    אין ספק מוציא מידי ודאי

    It is extremely unlikely that, while responding to an emergency, a double parked emergency vehicle would prevent another emergency from being dealt with

  13. zahavasdad ,

    You make absolutely no sense. Cardiac arrest; they’re dealing with seconds, not even minutes. Should they look for parking at the hotel down the block?! You insane?

  14. That sergeant should be held accountable for his actions.

    If it was a dog that was in cardiac arrest, we’d block off 5th Ave, that’s where liberal NY is holding.

  15. ZD,

    You did not answer as to why you think this is only an issue for Hatzolah.

    Your response was like an Ilhan Omar response.

    But even logically, you’re saying don’t respond to the immediate emergency appropriately on the off chance there may be a different emergency further up the block during the short time span the response to this emergency would take? Just clearly not thought out.

  16. ZD,

    I’m questioning whether you have Jewish heart; let alone any heart. Meshugah ad bli dai. What is it in you to defend the police when someone is having cardiac arrest?

    I’m SURE if it would be a family member of yours you would respond negatively to this article.

  17. for whatever reason I believe we are being targeted…. and honestly how long do you think it will be when we are no longer welcomed into our country?