NY Daily News Defends Kalman Yeger’s “Palestine Does Not Exist” Tweet


As YWN reported last week, NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger sparked controversy when he responded to a tweet from Rep. Ilhan Omar by saying she was an anti-Semite. He also tweeted that there was no such place as “Palestine”. Dozens of NYC Politicians – including the Mayor – demanded an apology. The city council said it was considering his removal from the Immigration Committee.

Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour called for a protest outside Yeger’s Boro Park office. A handful of her supporters showed up – along with a few self-hating, terrorist-supporting Jews (Neturei Karta). Following a call for a counter-protest by Dov Hikind, they were met by a few hundred local Orthodox Jewish residents.

On Sunday, the NY Daily News came out in support of Yeger. The following is their message written by the Daily News Editorial Board:

“Critics of Brooklyn Councilman Kalman Yeger’s tweet that “Palestine does not exist” should consult a gazetteer (and if you don’t know what that is, look it up; it has nothing to do with Gaza).

“He’s absolutely right that an Arab state in Palestine was never formed, as the Arabs rejected a state side by side with a Jewish state in 1937 and 1947 and 1967 and 2000 and 2008.

“Hopefully, one day they will say yes and there will be a state called Palestine alongside Israel.

“Yeger’s political observation upset some people and caused Speaker Corey Johnson to insist that he must apologize or lose a committee assignment. That’s nuts. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who said far worse things, correctly kept her committee assignment.

“Free speech must reign, even in the Council.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I am not a politician but as a citizen in Kalmens district i really believe that it wasnt necessary at all as a local politician to comment at all about international politics. We live side by side with many Palestinians and Arab neighbors who live with us in peace so why do we need to flare things up when its nice and quiet?
    To make comments about Palestine belongs to Congress and Senate members but NOT local politicians who represent many cultures and communities . The mishna teaches us Hizhari Bedivreichem, Syog Lchochme Shtika

  2. @Rebyossel – Obvioduly you aren’t informed. Do you know how many times NYC councimembers slam Israel and oprnly support BDS? It’s about time that someone fights back. And FYI, local council members have a big say in what buisness the city does with israel. Good thing Kalman Yeger is there and said what had to be said.

    Ilhan Omar IS a rabid anti-semite, and there is NO such place as palestine.

  3. I agree fully with the comment by RebYossel, poster #1, but insofar as the statement was made DeBlasio has absolutely no right to remove him from any committee. This, believe it or not this is America! And the second ammendment is still in force!

  4. TomMaysa Rav
    I am a Satmer Chusid and my Rebbe ZT”L thought us about Hisgara Beimos , and because other council members slammed Palestines dosent make it right because agonizing our neighbors will NOT bring the yidden any good.
    Who will be responsible if Chas Veshulem some uncontrolled man from their community will decide to take revenge for this act.? There is enough of Sinah and Anti Semitism in this world and we have to Bentch hashem every second we pass without incident. Let Kalman Yeger take care on Housing issues, local government issues, the things he was elected for.
    I am sure Mr. Yeger probably regrets the hostility he caused and all he has to do is say I am SORRY this statement was NOT necessary at all and let us live in peace with our neighbors.

  5. Where was DeBozo when our newly elected terrorist supporting memberette of congress trashed jews and gave a false apology? Did his dishonor demand her apology for removal from the foreign affairs commitee?
    He’s a disgusting hypocrite who owes us all an apology and should be forced to resign as mayor if none is forthcoming.

  6. @Rebyossel – Satmar are the biggest hisgares b’umos on the plant. Just take a look at surrounding Kiryas Joel. All their pathetic marches on Manhattan streets, protesting the whitehouse. All of it. They are the sleaziest bunch of people on earth. So take your “hisgaris beumos” and shove it.

    Satmar rebbe (Aron) goes and declears “war” on the state after the enacted new yeshiva laws. These laws were ONLY done because of satmar. no one else. so the litvish yeshivas have to go, spend millions hiring attpories, led by two litvish gedolim and fight the “war” that this rebbe screamed about.

    Where is this rebbe since he decleared “war”?

    What has satmr kj done about this “war”?


    Again, take your hisgares b’eumos and get lost.

    Yeger is a smart man.

  7. The free speech argument is stupid, no one is suggesting legal action. In other words: the people criticizing his comments are just as protected under free speech.

  8. I don’t understand why anyone would be outraged over a true statement made by Yeger. No one would think twice about criticizing Israel. Also, how can any Palestinian – or whatever else they’re called – claim rights to the land when the Quran clearly states that Gd gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people.

  9. It’s very funny to hear Satmar readers preaching us about Sinah and Anti Semitism that Kalman and Hikind brought on us. Has ve Sholom, they will look at the mirror.

  10. My comment is not whether the city official is right or wrong in his comment, but one thing is true: THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS PALESTINIAN PEOPLE. Any ignorant person knows that emperor Nero in order to obliviate the Jews and Israel, renamed the Lnd of Israel to Palestine. The Jews are back and removed the disgrace, that was done. The local Arabs were just Arabs from different Arab countries, until in 1964, they decided, what they didn’t succeed in war, they will do politically. There is no recorded history of these Arabs being the “Palestinian people. NOTHING!! Made up. PERIOD! Their goal is only to rid israel of the Jews! The world’s actions are not for the plight of the Arabs but their hatred of Jews and are using the Arabs to do there dirty work. No Sarsour, Palestinians Do Not EXIST as a nation people, only a a tool.

  11. Hello!!
    These are all very nice things for those living in the region effected. Not us Brooklyn residents.

    Mr. Yeger has no business subjecting us to a foreign controversial conflict.

    We have our own problems to contend with and he should focus on that, which is his job.

  12. Personally I think this whole thing is pathetic. All sides of this debate have the right to freedom of speech, although the mayor does raise the point of insulting Palestinian New Yorkers. After all, we are at the point where no criticism of anyone will be allowed. Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar have the perfect right under the US constitution to condemn the policies of Zionism, and Kalman Yeger has the right to say there is no state of Palestine. Of course that means nothing in and of itself, since until 1776 there was no United States and until 1867 there was no Canada. The problem is where criticizing political issues is twisted into a religious one. When people condemned apartheid did that mean they hated white people? If people condemn Communism does that mean they hate Russians or Chinese? This is all really pathetic. Of course there is no state of Palestine, but the State of Israel also did not exist until 1948. And therefore what, Kalman? What browny points are you asking for? Everyone knows that there was no referendum of the native inhabitants of mandatory Palestine in 1948 as to what regimes they wanted, and everyone knows that the Jewish population were colonialist immigrants at that time mostly from Russia. But the point is NOW. How does the state of Israel expect to claim to be a democracy when 50% of the people it dominates have no equal status according to Netanyahu and all other Zionists? How long can this continue? If Jews and Muslims can live in equality in the US under our Constitution, why not there? How would Jews feel if Trump declared that the USA were a “Christian country” and not a country of all its bona fide citizens??!! Any thoughts rabosai?

  13. Re: and everyone knows.
    Lol…. and everyone knows you’re Joseph.
    You typically shortened the history of Israel into one sentence and expect rebuttal, espec as this heading is moving into back pages.
    Joe, …. you’re right about democracy..
    Exactly Rabbi Kahana’s position… but , there’d be no need for this issue if Arabs would talk real peace , then they would have their own piece. ….As everyone knows… lol
    Get over it, Joe… 1948 was Hashem’s making… as everyone knows…Suck it up already

  14. ….and you really don’t want rebuttal Joe.
    You want to spout your hatred and kefirah…The masses aren’t buying into it anymore, as they did during the Spies episode… you’re behind the times…as everyone knows… Purim ‘s over.. drop your masks.