Hatzalah Of L.A. Volunteer Vehicle Broken Into; Police Recover Thousands Of Dollars In Equipment [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


A Los Angeles Hatzolah member’s car was broken into early Monday morning in the Valley area.

The suspects used some type of device to unlock the car. (The video below shows the car being unlocked before the suspect gets into the car.)

Among the items stolen was thousands of dollars of Hatzolah equipment, including an iPad for electronic call documentation (ePCR). The Hatzalah member filed a police report.

Hatzolah members logged in to the iPad tracking software and were able to locate the equipment near Venice Beach area of LA.

Members arrived there and visualized the Hatzolah gear through the window. Along with an off duty Sheriff Deputy who is a local Hatzolah supervisor, units waited for LAPD to respond.

LAPD arrived and searched the local buildings for the suspect who was not to be found.

The police tow truck opened the vehicle and thankfully, the majority of Hatzolah equipment was recovered. Unfortunately some of the member’s personal items such as a laptop were not recovered.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)